What If: WWE buys TNA

whatifwwebuystna3At ProRasslin.club, we’ve asked the question ‘What If‘ 18 times. Sometimes we’ve re-written wrestling history, other times we’ve made predictions for the future and sometimes we do a hybrid of both. Today’s edition is interesting because of every What If we’ve ever pondered, this one is imminent. TNA will be sold this week. It seemed like the Orlando based company would change hands last week as rumors of bankruptcy flooded the internet, but a mystery investor infused enough cash to make Bound for Glory happen. Because this is wrestling, the list of mystery investors (and potential buyers) is limited only by your imagination.

Anyone with money and/or an interest in pro wrestling has been discussed among fans. Was it Hulk Hogan with all that sweet Gawker cash? Did Broken Matt Hardy take out a second mortgage on his sprawling North Carolina compound? Is WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump going to Make TNA Great Again? With no real details surfacing regarding the mystery third party, you can’t rule anyone out just yet. So when TNA is finally sold, who is most likely to end up owning it? The safe bet remains Billy Corgan but it’s been reported by Forbes that the WWE remains a very real possibility in some capacity. So this week we ask, What if WWE buys TNA? Continue reading

Can Backlash right the SD ship?

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When Smackdown’s move to Tuesday nights was announced to coincide with the WWE brand extension, there were reasons to be optimistic about the blue brand. No longer pretaped, maybe Smackdown Live could shake the stigma of being the company’s B-show. Many of us immediately remembered the good times we shared with the Smackdown Six back in 2002 during the last brand split era and were hopeful that another core group of young talent could recreate the magic. Alas, Tuesday nights have been a disappointment thus far. Raw has asserted its dominance as the must-see show ever since the draft. At SummerSlam, Raw presented a much more intriguing primary title match that saw Finn Balor defeat Seth Rollins, while Smackdown’s offering of Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler lacked any clear direction. A Raw superstar absolutely and utterly destroyed a Smackdown guy in the main event. Even with the loss of their first Universal Champion to injury, Raw rebounded in a big way two weeks ago when Kevin Owens captured the vacant prize with the help of Triple H. The next night, Smackdown ended with an exceptionally silly scene, a prone AJ Styles seemingly paralyzed after being crotched on the top rope, Dean Ambrose playing games with him. This week, Raw followed up with another great show, and they didn’t even have to rely on Triple H explaining his actions – they still have that in their back pocket for a future episode. Smackdown followed up by replaying the image of AJ Styles crotched on the top rope a few times. It is clear that Smackdown is still very much the B-show.

With an impressive Clash of the Champions card on the horizon, Raw continues to show the world why it’s the #1 wrestling program on the planet. If Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are ever going to make Smackdown feel like an equal alternative to the flagship program, they’re going to have to do it soon – they’re going to have to do it at Backlash. Can they?

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Stopping the Unstoppable Goldberg

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In this history of professional wrestling, nobody has run roughshod over a roster the way that Goldberg did in WCW from 1997 through the company’s closure in 2001. Opening his career with an official win steak of 173 matches (the actual number is often argued to be lower), the wrestling world had never seen such a force, nor has it since. While the streak served to propel a newcomer to top in short-order, it wasn’t without its consequences. Goldberg left in his wake an unprecedented path of destruction, burying talent at an alarming rate. With just two moves, he managed to defeat guys that we were conditioned to take seriously on Nitro and Thunder every week. Even as a child, I hated every bit of it. I was rooting for Perry Saturn to tap him out with the Rings of Saturn at Spring Stampede ’98, I was devastated when Raven dropped the US to him, and I saw red when he defeated Hollywood Hogan for Big Gold. Somebody had to be able to beat this guy, right? Well, kind of.

The streak famously came to a controversial close at Starcade ’98 when Kevin Nash pinned the man who came to be known simple as “Da Man.” Of course, it didn’t happen cleanly. He needed the help of Scott Hall and a taser to get the job done. By hook or by crook, though, the streak was over and Goldberg could come back down to Earth. The problem was…he didn’t. He just kept plowing through people, even after the streak had been snapped. Somehow, his Starcade loss to Nash, marred by interference, was the cleanest loss he’d suffer in WCW. Even when you consider his time spent in WWE, to this day, Goldberg has only suffered 6 televised pinfall loses. Today, we’ll try to make some sense of them.

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Greetings from Dudleyville

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Oh my Brother, TESTIFYYYYY!

Who’s the greatest tag team in the history of wrestling? Depending on who you ask, you might be told that Demolition holds that honor. Others might give the nod to the Road Warriors, while you might encounter some who would peg the innovative Hardy Boyz as the greatest of all time. Some younger fans would surely put the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions the New Day in the conversation as they continue on their historic run with the straps, which has now been underway for one year and counting. If you ask me though, I’m going to give you an answer without hesitation, of which I am certain. That answer is the Dudley Boys.

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Raw Roundup: Michael Cole Loses His Swagger

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Let me start by telling you a little bit about my Raw viewing experience last night.  It’s not uncommon for me to record wrestling shows and watch them after they’ve finished.  I do it for a couple of reasons.  Mostly, during the summer, the hours between 7 PM and 10 PM are usually consumed by watching baseball in my house.  In addition to this, watching Raw after it’s ended allows me to avoid commercials.  My plan last night was the same as it’s been the past few Mondays: record Raw, watch it in roughly an hour at 11 o’clock, and get cracking on my roundup.  This week, though, an issue arose.  I’ve yet to get onboard the DVR bullet train, so I still use VHS tapes to record shows.  And last night, my VCR ate my tape.  Naturally, I turned to Justin.tv to find a feed replaying Raw.  Luckily, I did…sort of.

The only feed I could find was the Spanish broadcast.  Despite 4+ years of study, I cannot understand a lick of Spanish, but I strapped in for the show anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised with the Spanish Announce Team; they’re ultra-excitable and it makes for some quality entertainment.  Moreover, and this is the absolute truth, they provided my favorite moment of Raw.  When John Cena encountered Zack Ryder backstage, the only English dialogue of the entire show was spoken when one of the commentators enthusiastically proclaimed “Woo woo woo, you know it!”  I could not be happier with his choice of when to break the language barrier.  It was nice to get a break from Michael Cole too.  Anyway, if there was any notable commentary going on last night that I ignore in this recap, you’ll know why.  The actual Raw roundup, featuring a clean CM Punk win, after the jump.  Continue reading

Smackdown Reactions: Unlikely Alliances

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Is Christian fated to be a background player on Smackdown?

One of WWE’s longest standing practices is to portray all of their babyfaces as friendly allies and all of their heels as devious buddies.  It always irks me when the personal differences of wrestlers are ignored and they form alliances based solely on some unseen affiliation to their fellow good guys or bad guys.  Smackdown’s main event this week was a tag team contest guilty of this ridiculous policy on both sides.

Sheamus & Mark Henry formed a nonsensical alliance because they both happen to be heels at the moment, despite the fact that they feuded on Raw just a few short months ago.  Meanwhile, they were opposed by the downright silly combination of World Champion Randy Orton and #1 contender Christian.  The faces were victorious when Christian made the pin on Sheamus, but I would have much rather seen Christian react bitterly to his title loss than take it in stride.  At any rate, Christian will be exercising his rematch clause at the next pay-per-view, Over the Limit.  I think it’s safe to put his chances at defeating Orton at a dire 10% or so, but we can dream.  The rest of Smackdown, including an actual Daniel Bryan match, after the jump.  Continue reading

Smackdown Preview, 5/13/11

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Daniel Bryan will collide with Sin Cara on tonight's Smackdown.

Tonight’s Smackdown will primarily focus on the fallout of Christian’s World Title loss to Randy Orton last week.  In addition to Captain Charisma issuing a statement to his peeps as part of an in-ring interview, Christian will also compete in the main event when he teams with the man who took the title from him, Randy Orton.  Last week’s opponents will form a tag team tonight to take on the duo of Sheamus and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry.

Daniel Bryan will have the opportunity to strut his stuff tonight when he goes one-on-one with Sin Cara.  To be fair, I’ve yet to see enough of Cara to say this statement with much confidence, but I feel like he’s one of the only wrestlers superstars on the roster that can hold his own in the ring with the American Dragon.  Danielson is the kind of guy who can have a good match with just about anybody, but it’ll be nice to finally see him in the ring with someone who can perform more than five moves.  Hopefully this match is given some time and isn’t one of those commercial-interrupted three-televised-minutes affairs.

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett will clash with “The Big Red Machine” Kane, and Cody Rhodes will stand in the ring opposite Ted DiBiase.  It strikes me as odd to have the former Legacy partners booked as opponents since they’re both heels, and I’d much rather see them as partners.  Perhaps this is the beginning of bigger things for the pairing, though.  Also on tonight’s show is a Khali Kiss Cam, so there’s that to look forward to.  Sigh.