What If: WWE buys TNA

whatifwwebuystna3At ProRasslin.club, we’ve asked the question ‘What If‘ 18 times. Sometimes we’ve re-written wrestling history, other times we’ve made predictions for the future and sometimes we do a hybrid of both. Today’s edition is interesting because of every What If we’ve ever pondered, this one is imminent. TNA will be sold this week. It seemed like the Orlando based company would change hands last week as rumors of bankruptcy flooded the internet, but a mystery investor infused enough cash to make Bound for Glory happen. Because this is wrestling, the list of mystery investors (and potential buyers) is limited only by your imagination.

Anyone with money and/or an interest in pro wrestling has been discussed among fans. Was it Hulk Hogan with all that sweet Gawker cash? Did Broken Matt Hardy take out a second mortgage on his sprawling North Carolina compound? Is WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump going to Make TNA Great Again? With no real details surfacing regarding the mystery third party, you can’t rule anyone out just yet. So when TNA is finally sold, who is most likely to end up owning it? The safe bet remains Billy Corgan but it’s been reported by Forbes that the WWE remains a very real possibility in some capacity. So this week we ask, What if WWE buys TNA? Continue reading

Billy Corgan aims to save TNA


In 1996, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony released their hit song and ground breaking music video ‘Tha Crossroads’. Having just revisited it for the first time in 20 years, it’s over the top, a little morbid and predictably dated. But for whatever reason, it resonated hard with 10 year old me. When it came on MTV or The Box, I was captivated with the special effects and unique rhythm. So you can imagine my outrage and anger when MTV’s Video Music Awards rolled around and Smashing Pumpkins won almost every award for their ‘Tonight, Tonight’ video. 10 year old me hated Billy Corgan.

Around the same time as the 1996 VMAs, I began to discover pro wrestling. This wasn’t the fake yellow and red Hulkamania crap that I was too cool for in my pre-teen years. No, this new wrestling. It was the nWo and Hollywood Hogan. It was crazy guys like Mankind or cool guys like Shawn Michaels. It was ECW. I was hooked on all 3 but it was ECW that meant the most t0 me as they were my hometown promotion. So imagine my excitement when huge rockstar Billy Corgan showed up to play an original song about ECW. 14 year old me loved Billy Corgan. Continue reading

TNA: What The Future Holds


We seemingly ripped apart TNA this week. But all of the criticism was done with a certain tough love. WWE is of course the top dog in the industry. That might never change. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for other companies in the industry. We love Ring of Honor, PWG, Chikara, House of Hardcore and NXT. Each itches as certain scratch. For all that TNA has done wrong, there are some bright spots that they can capitalize on. Let’s give credit where credit is due… Continue reading

Fixing TNA: The Name


Despite what critics think, we don’t believe TNA is beyond repair. Their roster is surprisingly impressive. Their production quality is pretty solid. Their social media presence isn’t that bad. With the change of leadership, Billy Corgan is now charged with the task of diagnosing the plague that’s held back TNA from ever gaining ground on WWE. Yesterday we began to look at every aspect of TNA in an effort to start fixing it. Today, we look at another huge problem…

Continue reading

Full Match Friday: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels

From 2000 through 2010, Dave Meltzer gave 5-stars to only six matches. This Styles-Joe-Daniels X-Division bout is one of them. It was the first 5-star match of 2005 and is TNA’s only entry ever on Meltzer’s exclusive list. Of course, if you read a certain article earlier this week, you already know how this one ends.

Amazingly, the second 5-star match of 2005 came less than a month later and also featured Samoa Joe. Of the 6 5-star matches over the first decade of the 21st century, Samoa Joe wrestled in 3 of them! Enjoy TNA’s greatest match ever (and one of Joe’s top 3!)

10 Championship Defenses CM Punk should make on the Indy Scene

WWE, TNA, WrestlingLast weekend, history was made in Chicago.  CM Punk defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship, and exiting through the crowd, he departed the biggest wrestling promotion in the world while proudly carrying their most prestigious title.  Now, Punk is a free agent, and the WWE is left without a Champion.

While few facts are known in regards to Punk’s current contract situation, the potential working relationship in place between WWE & Ring of Honor, or how the WWE Title scene will be treated moving forward, there are some assumptions we can make.  For one, we can be sure that Punk is not truly done with World Wrestling Entertainment.  He is certainly a big part of their future plans – he wouldn’t be carrying their title around otherwise.  We know that he’s not actually a free agent.  He’s still a WWE employee, and as such, he still has to play by their rules.  The chances that he defends the WWE Championship in any promotion that isn’t WWE are slim at best, and if you exclude ROH from the discussion, they likelihood that he shows up anywhere besides Monday Night Raw probably drops to non-existent.

But for now, let’s forget all that.  Let’s cast off our smarky shackles, allow ourselves to believe the kayfabe, and embrace this angle in all of its shoot-y goodness.  CM Punk is the WWE Champion.  He’s also a free agent.  He’s going to defend the title wherever he sees fit.  So where does the best wrestler in the world do his business?  On the other side of the jump, you’ll find ten suggestions as to what promotions the Second City Savior could visit, who he should put the gold on the line against, and how each respective match might play out.  This, my friends, is Fanboy Booking 101.  Continue reading

Paul Heyman’s Impactful Plans

We’ve all heard rumors of Paul Heyman lending his talents to TNA Wrestling at one time or another over the past few years.  Ever since he departed the WWE, we’ve clamored over where he might resurface.  Even when there was no reason for the rumor to exist, ECW fanboys everywhere imagined that Heyman HAD TO BE close to going to TNA – he wouldn’t deprive the world of his talents altogether, after all.  Yet here we are in 2011, and Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff have creative control of Impact Wrestling.  Heyman…well he’s been busy co-authoring a book with Brock Lesnar.  It might be time to abandon hope that the “Mad Scientist” will be the man to pull TNA from the trenches.

Alas, we can still speculate as to what might have been.  In the above video, Paul E. explains how he’d reform TNA if control was placed in his hands.  I can’t really argue with most of his reasoning.  I have no interest in watching the likes of Jarrett, Flair, Sting, Hogan, or any of the other wash-ups that dominate Thursday nights.  According to Heyman, if he were the man in charge, he’d only retain one “legend” on the roster, but he remains non-committal on who he might prefer.

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

There can only be one!

I’d be curious to see how true to his word Heyman would be if he suddenly came into power on Impact Wrestling.  While I agree with him that there are far too many “legends” filling the roster in TNA, I find it hard to believe that he would whittle their numbers down to just one.  I can’t really imagine TNA without Kurt Angle at this point, nor would I really want to.  And while Rob Van Dam’s character is ultra-bland these days, I’m sure if Paul Heyman was in charge, he’d be entertaining as hell and an indispensable asset to the promotion.  Contributing another name to the list of older guys I wouldn’t want to see get the axe is Bully Ray, who’s not only the most entertaining former ECW / WWE talent in the promotion, but he’s arguably the best wrestler they have at the moment.  So while I support Heyman’s movement to get rid of the geriatric crowd, I don’t like the idea of losing ALL of them.  Considering the speed at which stars were established in ECW, though, I’m sure if Heyman started from scratch today in TNA he could make us forget all about the aforementioned names in no time.

The fact that some of the older guys that have been contracted by TNA at one time or another wouldn’t be happy with any renovations shouldn’t come as a shock.  A lot of those who enjoyed their prime well over a decade ago don’t take kindly to people putting pressure up against the glass ceiling.  For example, here’s Kevin Nash delivering a spite-fueled, totally-NSFW rant about his feelings on Heyman’s proposed plan.  Yikes.