Full Match Friday: Ibushi vs Jigsaw vs Generico vs Nick Jackson

To celebrate King of Trios, we take a look back at a 2009 Rey De Voladores match featuring Cruiserweight Classic star Kota Ibushi vs Jigsaw vs Young Buck Nick Jackson vs Sami Zayn’s mentor El Generico. As mentioned in yesterday’s King of Trios 2016 overview, Rey De Voladores is a King of Trios weekend tradition in which the “King of Flying” is crowned after 2 gravity defying fourway elimination matches and one final 1 on 1 match. The 2 bookends of this matched featured Player Dos vs Austin Aries vs Fire Ant vs Matt Jackson and the final match-up (which we won’t spoil for you!) Enjoy the match and your weekend!

Ps. If you’re going to King of Trios on Saturday, keep your eyes peeled for a chubby 4-eyed, bearded dude and his beautiful wife…that’ll be me! Stop and say hello!

N64: Superkick Party


Earlier this month, the Young Bucks released their very own delightfully addictive mobile app. In true Buck fashion, you play as Matt and Nick guarding your merch. You let the marks pay up but superkick away the jealous masked wrestlers trying to steal your loot. The app is available for $1.99 on iTunes and Google Play. Want even more bang for your buck? We do too. So grab a Mountain Dew, a bag of Doritos and follow us back to the year 2000 for our new semi-regular column dedicated to N64’s ‘No Mercy’.

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Full Match Friday: The Young Bucks vs Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw

We’re now one week removed from Chikara’s King of Trios, and I’m still astounded by the outstanding quality of the show.  As such, today I bring you a match from last year’s King of Trios.  Here, the Young Bucks (known as Generation Me to TNA fans) tangle with Chikara founder Mike Quackenbush and his partner Jigsaw.  Even if you don’t know these guys, give this match a shot.  It’s really good.  I’d recommend watching the whole thing, but if you’re the impatient type, business really picks up around the 11-minute mark.  There’s a superkick/high impact sunset flip double team spot that I could watch all day, and a 450 splash onto a bridging opponent that’s almost too awesome for words.  The ending is nothing to sneeze at either!  Check it out, you’ll like it – you have my word.