Stone Cold loves NXT


In 1997, if you were to guess which Attitude Era star would transition into a dynamic internet radio show host who does great research, has a flawless delivery and a certain journalistic integrity, you might have guessed The Rock or perhaps Shawn Michaels. But as it turns out the anti-authority, beer guzzling Stone Cold Steve Austin has a flair for broadcast journalism. Austin posts two podcasts a week: a family friendly show on Tuesday and an uncensored, Unleashed show on Thursdays. The Texas rattlesnake covers many topics but unsurprisingly, he shines brightest when talking wrestling.

Unlike many wrestlers from previous eras, Austin isn’t a grizzled vet complaining about these young whippersnappers. Instead, he showers praise where praise is due on the stars of today, inviting the likes of Ricochet and The Revival on his show to tell their stories. After most PPV network specials, Austin brings on PW Torch editor Wade Keller to breakdown the action. Keller and Stone Cold’s chemistry is truly wonderful and brings a new excitement to today’s product. This excitement was never more evident than their recent better-late-than-never analysis of NXT’s Takeover from Brooklyn. Continue reading