SummerSlam Reactions: Undisputed

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What I should have titled this post is “SummerSlam Reactions (kind of),” because, well, I didn’t see the whole show.  In fact, I only saw the main event.  And that’s pretty much what I’m going to discuss here.  Sure, the World Heavyweight Title changed hands, and yes, I do think the outcome of the Divas Title match deserves some discussion, but SummerSlam’s closing ten minutes were absolutely insane, and a post devoted to dissecting the events that transpired therein is in order.  Beyond the jump you’ll find a paragraph or two recapping the rest of the evening, my lengthier reaction to the wildness that wrapped up the biggest party of the summer, and why I can’t wait for tonight’s Raw.  Continue reading

Raw Roundup: Luck is for Losers

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Last night’s Raw was a jolly good show.  CM Punk proved once again why he is the best in the world, while real-life girlfriend Beth Phoenix breathed new life into the women’s division.  The Miz flexed his awesome vocal muscles, while R-Truth and John Morrison gave us a pay-per-view match on free television.  There was trouble in paradise for the WWE’s plutonic power couple, Mr. Money in the Bank looked to rectify his plans that went afoul last month, and the newest members of the Future Endeavors Club were even name dropped.  Read all about it after the jump!  Continue reading

Raw Roundup: A Vote of No Confidence

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I’m going to open as honestly as I can: I hated last night’s Raw.  I know a lot of people will rush to defend it.  Seven matches, they’ll say.  So much wrestling.  A game-changing closing segment.  A fantastic emotional performance by Vince McMahon.  A new regime is in place, rejoice and be glad.  I can understand what could have made the show enjoyable for some of you.  To me, it was a heap of garbage.  But I ask you to bear in mind, this is professional wrestling, it’s often polarizing, and everybody digs different things.  If you get defensive over what you like in this silly hobby of ours, maybe you shouldn’t continue.  If you, too, despised last night’s display of melodrama and mediocrity, then by all means, follow me to the other side of this jump.  Continue reading

WWE Capitol Punishment Reactions

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Always smooth.

Last night, Key Stone Light spokesman Keith Stone accompanied the Bella Twins to ringside during WWE’s Capitol Punishment, begging a number of questions.  What was Keith Stone, the world’s smoothest man, doing at a WWE pay-per-view?  Why did Nikki & Brie even come to the ringside area in the first place?  Has the WWE completely abandoned the illusion of sanity?  Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers for you.  What I do have are my reactions to the rest of the event, which saw new champions crowned, my man crush on CM Punk grow, and a pretty horrid presidential imposter wasting the time of everyone trying to enjoy the show.  Read all about it after the jump.  Continue reading

The Truth about Little Jimmy

Over the past few weeks, R-Truth has converted all of us at into big fans of his.  His outlandish antics, from dressing as a Confederate soldier to spitting in the face of a fan, have been absolutely hilarious, and he’s without doubt exhibiting the best mic work of his career.  A big chunk of his still developing heel persona has revolved around his hatred for “Little Jimmy,” a phrase that Truth uses to identify the youthful fan base of the WWE Universe.  Here, Truth counts down his ten least favorite Jimmys.  I’m not usually a big fan of original programming, but they nail it with this one.  It ain’t easy being the Truth!