Billy Corgan aims to save TNA


In 1996, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony released their hit song and ground breaking music video ‘Tha Crossroads’. Having just revisited it for the first time in 20 years, it’s over the top, a little morbid and predictably dated. But for whatever reason, it resonated hard with 10 year old me. When it came on MTV or The Box, I was captivated with the special effects and unique rhythm. So you can imagine my outrage and anger when MTV’s Video Music Awards rolled around and Smashing Pumpkins won almost every award for their ‘Tonight, Tonight’ video. 10 year old me hated Billy Corgan.

Around the same time as the 1996 VMAs, I began to discover pro wrestling. This wasn’t the fake yellow and red Hulkamania crap that I was too cool for in my pre-teen years. No, this new wrestling. It was the nWo and Hollywood Hogan. It was crazy guys like Mankind or cool guys like Shawn Michaels. It was ECW. I was hooked on all 3 but it was ECW that meant the most t0 me as they were my hometown promotion. So imagine my excitement when huge rockstar Billy Corgan showed up to play an original song about ECW. 14 year old me loved Billy Corgan. Continue reading

TNA: What The Future Holds


We seemingly ripped apart TNA this week. But all of the criticism was done with a certain tough love. WWE is of course the top dog in the industry. That might never change. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for other companies in the industry. We love Ring of Honor, PWG, Chikara, House of Hardcore and NXT. Each itches as certain scratch. For all that TNA has done wrong, there are some bright spots that they can capitalize on. Let’s give credit where credit is due… Continue reading

Fixing TNA: The Name


Despite what critics think, we don’t believe TNA is beyond repair. Their roster is surprisingly impressive. Their production quality is pretty solid. Their social media presence isn’t that bad. With the change of leadership, Billy Corgan is now charged with the task of diagnosing the plague that’s held back TNA from ever gaining ground on WWE. Yesterday we began to look at every aspect of TNA in an effort to start fixing it. Today, we look at another huge problem…

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Impact Wrestling Reactions: It’s Lame! It’s Damn Lame!

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Last night’s Impact was…well…not good.  Like, at all.  Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan formed a new coalition of suck.  Immortal backed down from Simon Diamond.  Jeff Jarrett hosted one of the worst in-ring segments in recent memory.  Scott Steiner was in the main event, damn it.  If you’re a TNA fan, and you were trying to convince a WWE purist that Impact isn’t that bad, this would not be the show you used as evidence.  Because it was that bad.  But hey – the Knockouts are hot.  More after the jump.  Continue reading

Impact Wrestling Reactions: Wrestling Matters?

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For a show whose tag line is “Wrestling Matters,” Impact Wrestling sure features a lot of, um, non-wrestling.  Last night’s event opened with Immortal in the ring for a group interview, closed with a contract signing, and included plenty of backstage segments in between.  In the midst of all the melodrama, they did find time to present six matches, so it wasn’t all bad.  All of the action (and lack thereof), including an injured James Storm, a dreamy Miss Tessmacher, and a pissed off Samoa Joe, after the jump.  Continue reading

For the Love of Punk

Fans, peers, and promotions continue to pour their praises onto CM Punk this week, as TNA attempts to cash in on the craze created by the Straight Edge Superstar’s WWE Title win, one of Punk’s idol’s adores his work, and an old flame gives the Champ a round of applause…

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  • Impact Wrestling is doing their best to ride the wave of momentum created by CM Punk’s current angle.  The organization’s homepage is advertising that CM Punk’s matches from his tenure in the Impact Zone will soon be available as part of their On Demand service.  TNA is promoting that nearly three hours of CM Punk matches will be available for viewing – “never rebroadcast in their entirety until now!”  Opponents include Raven, Shane Douglass, Abyss, Sabu, and more.  It’s borderline hilarious that the addition of a WWE wrestler’s matches from six years ago to TNA’s On Demand archive has been worthy of a spot on their front page all weekend long.
  • Last week while being interviewed on Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report, CM Punk revealed that one of his favorite wrestlers growing up was “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.  In a recent interview in The Post & Courier, Piper revealed that the adoration was mutual.  “C.M. Punk has possibly struck a chord that maybe things have gotten mundane. I’m really proud of Punk,” said Piper.  “It’s great what he did.”
  • As we’ve noted on this blog before, former WWE Diva Maria hasn’t quite gotten over her former boyfriend, who happens to be the best wrestler in the world.  Her admiration for Punk was reinforced in a recent interview, where she rightfully declares him the best in the game today.  “”I think Punk is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, in wrestling right now and for a while now,” Maria boldly stated.  “Right now is ‘The Era of Punk.’  He’s incredible.”  She went on to say that her former beau doesn’t care much for the fanfare or theatrics of the product, and that he genuinely cares about the wrestling.  During the same interview, Maria states that Punk’s mission is to bring integrity back to the business, and that he hasn’t lost sight of what wrestling is truly about.

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Impact Wrestling Reactions: Termites in the Soul

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Last night’s Impact saw two former World Champions collide inside a steel cage, a fair share of Bound for Glory points distributed, and a surprisingly good Ultimate X match.  There were knockouts galore, a new Network exec was named (kind of), and Hulk Hogan regrettably teased lacing up his boots one more time.  Come with me to the other side of this jump for all of last night’s action, bulleted for your pleasure.  Continue reading