NXT Redemption, WHYYYY?!

So, NXT Season 5 has begun, its uglier than I’d ever imagined.  All of the rumors about its theme were incorrect.  It’s not a bunch of second-generation guys being mentored by their fathers, and it’s not a battle of the sexes.  It’s much, much worse.  The cast of the new season looks, well, something like this…

  • Brian Saxton w/ Pro Yoshi Tatsu
  • Conor O’Brian w/ Pro Vladimir Kozlov
  • Darren Young w/ Pro Chavo Guerrero
  • Jacob Novak w/ Pro JTG
  • Lucky Canon w/ Pro Tyson Kid
  • Titus O’Neil w/ Pro HORNSWOGGLE

The theme is redemption, and the cast is made up entirely of former NXT losers.  There are no words to express my disdain for this, not only in concept, but in execution.  To begin with, anybody who’s been on NXT and has got even a glimmer of potential is already on the main roster.  Winning and losing mean nothing on that show, as evidenced by Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, Brodus Clay, and almost the ENTIRE CAST OF SEASON 1.  If you lose NXT and you don’t get promoted to the main shows anyway, it’s because you’re terrible.  So now we have these six NXT rejects competing, not for a contract, but…wait for it…a chance to compete on the next season of NXT.

We kidding?!  How many seasons is this godforsaken show going to run?  Doesn’t Tough Enough make it even more pointless?  And what’s up with this list of Pros?  They’ve gone from The Miz, Jericho, and CM Punk to the WWE’s resident bum squad.  Nobody wants to see these guys wrestle, let alone train anybody.  And why is Hornswoggle, the bane of my existence, included in this?!  UGGGGHHHH this is irritating.  The most accomplished Pro this season was once a hispanic white elitist, and the most promising rookie has already botched a gang beatdown on national TV by repeatedly punching his partner’s leg when he couldn’t get close enough to their victim!