Introducing: The United States of ProRasslin

Growing up in Philadelphia, PA as a wrestling fan, you sometimes take for granted just how spoiled you are. Whether it’s going to a dozen ECW shows when you were 12 years old or having 2-4 WWE pay per views within an hour or two drive every year or seeing Ring of Honor every couple of months or checking out the Chikara Wrestle Factory on a regular basis, the pro wrestling scene in Philaldephia is unparalleled. Or is it?

I imagine people in New York feel the same way I do and have similar opportunities. People in California get their own amazing promotions like PWG and Lucha Underground. Ohio has some awesome indies and a really impressive slate of hometown heroes. The list could go on if I knew more about wrestling in other territories. But I don’t. And that’s how we’ve arrived at our new weekly feature: The United State of ProRasslin.

Each USP will examine the independent wrestling scene of a different city or state in America. We’ll focus on current promotions running shows in these areas and sprinkle in the occasional factoid about notable events from the past or wrestlers who got their start in those regions! We’ll kick it off in 2 weeks but for now, head over to our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to tell us about your favorite local promotion!