SummerSlam Weekend Losers (Who Totally Won)


8 years ago, Tyler Black defeated Claudio Castagnoli, Delirious and Go Shiozaki in a Four Corner Survival Match at Ring of Honor’s Take No Prisoners in Philadelphia. The winner earned a title shot against ROH Champ Nigel McGuinness in the main event. The young upstart Black and the British vet Nigel put on a clinic. McGuiness retained but the crowd ended the show with emphatic chants of “Thank You Tyler”. Despite the loss, Black won.

That’s the funny thing about wrestling: you don’t need to score a pinfall or submit your opponent to gain a victory. We’ve seen that with Stone Cold vs Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13 and more recently with Cedric Alexander vs Kota Ibushi in Round 2 of the Cruiserweight Classic.

Here are 3 matches from SummerSlam weekend where the losers still won…

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SummerSlam Reactions: Undisputed

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What I should have titled this post is “SummerSlam Reactions (kind of),” because, well, I didn’t see the whole show.  In fact, I only saw the main event.  And that’s pretty much what I’m going to discuss here.  Sure, the World Heavyweight Title changed hands, and yes, I do think the outcome of the Divas Title match deserves some discussion, but SummerSlam’s closing ten minutes were absolutely insane, and a post devoted to dissecting the events that transpired therein is in order.  Beyond the jump you’ll find a paragraph or two recapping the rest of the evening, my lengthier reaction to the wildness that wrapped up the biggest party of the summer, and why I can’t wait for tonight’s Raw.  Continue reading

Impact Wrestling Reactions: It’s Lame! It’s Damn Lame!

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Last night’s Impact was…well…not good.  Like, at all.  Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan formed a new coalition of suck.  Immortal backed down from Simon Diamond.  Jeff Jarrett hosted one of the worst in-ring segments in recent memory.  Scott Steiner was in the main event, damn it.  If you’re a TNA fan, and you were trying to convince a WWE purist that Impact isn’t that bad, this would not be the show you used as evidence.  Because it was that bad.  But hey – the Knockouts are hot.  More after the jump.  Continue reading

Raw Roundup: Luck is for Losers

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Last night’s Raw was a jolly good show.  CM Punk proved once again why he is the best in the world, while real-life girlfriend Beth Phoenix breathed new life into the women’s division.  The Miz flexed his awesome vocal muscles, while R-Truth and John Morrison gave us a pay-per-view match on free television.  There was trouble in paradise for the WWE’s plutonic power couple, Mr. Money in the Bank looked to rectify his plans that went afoul last month, and the newest members of the Future Endeavors Club were even name dropped.  Read all about it after the jump!  Continue reading

Impact Wrestling Reactions: Wrestling Matters?

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For a show whose tag line is “Wrestling Matters,” Impact Wrestling sure features a lot of, um, non-wrestling.  Last night’s event opened with Immortal in the ring for a group interview, closed with a contract signing, and included plenty of backstage segments in between.  In the midst of all the melodrama, they did find time to present six matches, so it wasn’t all bad.  All of the action (and lack thereof), including an injured James Storm, a dreamy Miss Tessmacher, and a pissed off Samoa Joe, after the jump.  Continue reading

Raw Roundup: CM Punk’s Skinny Fat Ass

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Last night’s Raw was not the most eventful episode in recent months, but it did have it’s fair share of nice moments.  The best diva in the company went heel, the SummerSlam card took shape, and Triple H coined the phrase “skinny fat ass.”  The water bottle of death returned.  A Cobra visited Long Island.  But ultimately, the soul-crushing status quo remained intact.  A full recap and analysis of last night’s action awaits just beyond the jump.  Continue reading

Impact Wrestling Reactions: Termites in the Soul

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Last night’s Impact saw two former World Champions collide inside a steel cage, a fair share of Bound for Glory points distributed, and a surprisingly good Ultimate X match.  There were knockouts galore, a new Network exec was named (kind of), and Hulk Hogan regrettably teased lacing up his boots one more time.  Come with me to the other side of this jump for all of last night’s action, bulleted for your pleasure.  Continue reading