10 Candidates for the 2017 CWC

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Last night, live on the WWE Network, the Cruiserweight Classic came to a close. TJ Perkins, who upset Kota Ibushi to advance to the finals earlier in the night, defeated Gran Metalik in the hard fought tournament final. In addition to being the winner of the inaugural CWC, he also became the champion of the newly launched cruiserweight division, which will debut on this week’s episode of Raw.

As good as it is to know that we’ll be treated to cruiserweight action on Monday nights from now on, the CWC will leave a void in our weekly wrestling intake that will be difficult to fill. The past ten weeks have been nothing short of magical, and seeing Perkins and the rest of his peers move from their Network bubble onto the flagship show is a bittersweet sensation to say the least. That said, all eyes are on the future. This cruiserweight division has the potential to make Monday Night Raw great again. Moreover, I couldn’t help but notice the commentators’ emphasis on this trophy being the first one to be awarded. It would seem to me that this would indicate that they’ll be a second, and possibly many, many more.

With the WWE having already scouted the globe to find 32 elite competitors for the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic, what might next year hold should the tournament return? Today, we’ll take a look at 10 early candidates for the 2017 CWC. So without further ado… Continue reading

10 Championship Defenses CM Punk should make on the Indy Scene

WWE, TNA, WrestlingLast weekend, history was made in Chicago.  CM Punk defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship, and exiting through the crowd, he departed the biggest wrestling promotion in the world while proudly carrying their most prestigious title.  Now, Punk is a free agent, and the WWE is left without a Champion.

While few facts are known in regards to Punk’s current contract situation, the potential working relationship in place between WWE & Ring of Honor, or how the WWE Title scene will be treated moving forward, there are some assumptions we can make.  For one, we can be sure that Punk is not truly done with World Wrestling Entertainment.  He is certainly a big part of their future plans – he wouldn’t be carrying their title around otherwise.  We know that he’s not actually a free agent.  He’s still a WWE employee, and as such, he still has to play by their rules.  The chances that he defends the WWE Championship in any promotion that isn’t WWE are slim at best, and if you exclude ROH from the discussion, they likelihood that he shows up anywhere besides Monday Night Raw probably drops to non-existent.

But for now, let’s forget all that.  Let’s cast off our smarky shackles, allow ourselves to believe the kayfabe, and embrace this angle in all of its shoot-y goodness.  CM Punk is the WWE Champion.  He’s also a free agent.  He’s going to defend the title wherever he sees fit.  So where does the best wrestler in the world do his business?  On the other side of the jump, you’ll find ten suggestions as to what promotions the Second City Savior could visit, who he should put the gold on the line against, and how each respective match might play out.  This, my friends, is Fanboy Booking 101.  Continue reading

The 10 Jobbiest Jobbers of WCW Saturday Night

WWE, TNA, WrestlingThe Saturdays of my childhood were marked by great television.  Growing up in the 90’s, the mornings held such delights as X-Men: The Animated Series and The Tick.  In reality, though, the cartoons were just foreplay for the awesomeness of the evening’s programming.  Every Saturday at six o’clock sharp you could find me seated directly in front of the television set, glued to all of the action transpiring on WCW Saturday Night.  The moment the intro would start to roll, the one that showcased wrestlers being built by methods not unlike those used by Skynet to produce their Terminators, I’d become giddy with anticipation.  Scott Hudson, Lee Marshall, and “The Professor” Mike Tenay would serve as joint MC’s for the weekend extravaganza while that wily Mean Gene would encourage me to reach into my parents’ pockets to call his hotline.  For two hours every Saturday, without fail, I’d sit wide-eyed and watch my favorite wrestlers invade my living room.

The only downside to WCW Saturday Night was that my favorite wrestlers weren’t wrestling each other.  No, it was seldom that you’d see Raven take on Diamond Dallas Page or Chris Benoit put on a clinic with Booker T on World Championship Wrestling’s C-show.  Those types of matches were generally reserved for Nitro, and later, Thunder.  But if they weren’t wrestling each other, who would they face?  They had to wrestle somebody, right?  Enter the jobber.  All so generic, yet almost magically, all so unique.  Their mullets and sequined jackets endeared them to us, and whether we like to admit it or not, we all had our favorites.  You won’t find Yugi Nagata, Ernest “The Cat” Miller, or Sick Boy here.  Nay, they are all too highbrow for this list.  These are the men who, week in and week out, would step through the futuristic sliding doors, prance their way through a the heavy fog that was always emitted from the entry way, and promptly receive a spear and jackhammer for their troubles.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody had to do it.  Continue reading

The 5 Hottest Women of Wrestling…that CM Punk has dated

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Laugh it up, fuzzball.

I don’t need to tell you how great CM Punk is.  We all know about his fantastic mic skills, superior ring work, and incredible character.  His refusal to treat his fans like idiots, as many wrestlers often do, only adds to his appeal.  Throw in some sweet tattoos, a hilarious Twitter account, and his ability to make anybody he works with look good, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for awesome.  The ladies seem to agree.

Over the years, Punk has given plenty of explanations as to what the CM in his name stands for.  Much like the Joker’s origin story in The Dark Knight, the meaning of the letters have been amorphous, changing to suit Punk’s mood whenever he’s been asked which words the initials abbreviate.  He’s even supplied long and fabricated backstories to support different theories on the meaning of the letters.  Over the years, they’ve stood for Cookie Monster, Charles Montgomery, and Chicago Made, among others.  Perhaps the most fitting explanation is Chick Magnet.

I came really close to titling this post “The 5 Hottest Women of Wrestling…that CM Punk has slept with,” but we’d probably need a much longer list than five to adequately paint that picture.  So instead of theorizing on the Second City Saint’s sexual conquests (I’m looking at you, Mickie James), we’ve got five women that he’s definitely dated at one time or another.  Look upon his works, ye mighty, and despair!  Continue reading

5 Wild Weddings

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I married WHO?!!?

I’d like to congratulate frequent commenter Mike Sal on tying the knot yesterday!  On behalf of everyone involved with ProRasslin.com, I wish Mike and his bride Tara the best of luck.

As you’re surely aware, wrestling weddings seldom transpire as seamlessly as those in the real world.  Whether it’s because one of the parties was kidnapped and forced into the wedding against their will or simply because a crazed ex-spouse with an axe isn’t handling the event in a mature manner, wrestling weddings never seem to end well.  You’re about as likely to witness a whole marriage ceremony without interruption as you are a contract signing without a brawl in the fine sport of ‘rasslin.  That being said, today we’ll take a look at five of the craziest, most out of control weddings to ever take place inside of a wrestling ring.  This is in no way comprehensive – there have been way too many wacky weddings to list.  You won’t find any of Stephanie McMahon’s four weddings here, nor will you see any of Karen Angle’s three.  What you will find is a bizarre collection of in-ring miscarriages, fake old men, and fatal heart attacks.  Let’s hope Mike & Tara’s new life together goes smoother than those of these star-crossed lovers!  Continue reading

The 10 Most Successful Tough Enough Alumni

Are you Tough Enough?

WWE’s original reality series, Tough Enough, returns tonight after Raw on the USA Network.  This revival will be the show’s fifth season, and it’ll mark the first time since 2003 that Tough Enough has been its own series rather than being included as part of regular WWE programming.  The first time around on MTV was memorable from the outset, but lost a little bit of steam as it went along.  Regardless, the original run of Tough Enough churned out some good talent into the wrestling world.  So, I present to you, the ten most successful alumni of the show… Continue reading

10 Great Mania Moments

This is the true harbinger of spring.

With WrestleMania right around the corner, I figure it’s as good a time as any to take a look back at some of the most memorable WrestleMania moments over the years.  Keep in mind, this is a list of some of my personal favorite, it’s not meant to be a comprehensive list of the ten greatest WM scenes.  That’s why you won’t find Hogan bodyslamming Andre or that awful clip of Liberace dancing with the Rockettes here.  Feel free to add your own ‘Mania memories, or call me a fool for choosing the ones I did, in the comments.  So without further adieu, 10 of my favorite WrestleMania moments.  Enjoy! Continue reading