Hail Christian, Mega-Heel!

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Could Christian be walking out of the WWE Universe forever?

Last week was a roller coaster ride for Christian and his fans.  The charasmatic Canadian reached his career’s summit at Extreme Rules on Sunday, and just two days later, he found his fate reversed at the Smackdown tapings.  Inexplicably, his title reign was cut short and he pulled the job to Randy Orton, a calamity that left some fans scratching their heads and others flipping the channel in disgust.

So, what’s next for Captain Charisma?  He was clearly dejected in the ring following his loss.  Perhaps he’s had enough of the WWE ratrace and will be following in his former partner’s footsteps and hanging up his boots.  If he sticks around, he stands little chance at regaining the Championship the way things sit now – WWE isn’t big on face-vs-face programs, and when they do run one, it’s usually with absolute mega-stars.  So what does the Blue Brand have left to offer Christian?  A feud with Mark Henry?  A couple of matches with Sheamus?

If you’re anything like me, you probably think that these outcomes are absolutely unacceptable.  He’s Christian after all, one of the men who revolutionized tag team wrestling and helped transition the WWE from one era into another in the opening years of the 21st century.  We’ve been watching him mature in and out of the ring for the past twelve years, surely it can’t end like this.

He never should have lost the belt last week, but he did, and now the best we can do is pick up the pieces.  At this stage in the game, the course is set.  There’s only one logical thing to do with Christian: transform him into a super-heel.  Continue reading

Del Rio Stinks.

Not Really.  I just had nothing else to call it.

Just a real quick random thought here, and tell me if I’m wrong (even though if you accuse me of such atrocities I’ll quickly ignore them), but does anyone else get the feeling that the Edge/Del Rio match at Wrestlemania WON’T happen?

If I’m not mistaken, there’s about 5 more Smackdown’s before Mania to hype the match.  And yes, Del Rio smashed a guitar into Edge’s arm a while back.  Good thing he stopped doing that too; the last thing you want is to be compared to Jeff Jarrett.  And I think Edge may have attacked him for some kind of revenge.

That happened 3 years ago.
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Fixing Mania, The Greatest Common Factor

Be jealous of our harmony.

Over the past three days, we ran a series of dream cards for WrestleMania 27.  Three wrestling fans offered three differing views of how they would have booked the show had it been left in their hands.  We saw the Intercontinental and United States titles unified, Mark Henry take on The Great Khali in an ironman match, and The Undertaker lose his streak.  Each card we assembled, however, shared two common matches: those for the biggest belts in the company.  Our writers unanimously wished to see Edge vs Christian for World Heavyweight Title and The Miz vs John Morrison for the WWE Championship.  Who’s with us?

WrestleMania 27: Let the blood bath begin.

Fixing Mania, Part III

Because I am straight edge, I am better than you (and your favorite wrestlers.)

This is Mike McCarthy, and I’m here to wrap up our three part look at WrestleMania 27 dream cards with my own perfect version of the event.  I want to preface this by saying that I’m only going to list matches that I’m sure could have happened had the WWE creative team decided to book them.  That means no Sting, and that means no Rock.

I also won’t be including Trish Stratus on the card despite the possibility of her wrestling again.  Her retirement match was exactly what it should have been, and I’d hate to think of her ruining it by returning to the ring to team with Kelly Kelly.  Other notable ommissions from my vision of WrestleMania are Kane and Mark Henry.  I’m writing what the show would look like if I had the power to book it.  If I had that power, I’d do everything I could to make it enjoyable, and neither of those guys are anything I enjoy.

So without any further delay, my WrestleMania 27 dream card – including a title unification match, Dolph Ziggler getting his comeuppance, and Diesel.

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Fixing Mania, Part II

We already saw this at Mania... years ago. The theme of my dream card? Closing the book on the stars of yesterday, and writing the new book on the stars of tomorrow.

Ryan Gillon of seriouslyryan.com gives you his dream card for WrestleMania 27, complete with argument and analysis of each proposed match:

We all have our dream matches, our dream cards… that’s what it means to be a wrestling fan. I think it would be quite difficult to be a true aficionado of sports entertainment without a pretty wacky imagination…

…so these dream matches can be pretty out there sometimes, and understandably so. As a result, I tried to make this card as semi-realistic as possible, with a couple of swerves here and there. What I can tell you is that this list would be entirely possible to act out if two things happened. One, the Rock would have to be willing to return to the ring for one last match and two, Vince McMahon would have to give me complete creative control. I’m almost certain neither will ever happen, but… here’s to dreaming.

Without further adieu, I give you my dream card for the 27th edition of WrestleMania. Continue reading

Fixing Mania, Part I

Over the next three days, we’re going to take a look at three dream cards for this year’s WrestleMania, each from a different author.  Now, the Road to WrestleMania is already underway, and the card has begun to take form.  After last night’s Raw, the direction in which the company is heading has been dictated.  We are not writing about what we think the card WILL look like.  These features are about how the card WOULD HAVE looked like, had it been up to us.  So, without further adieu, our first WrestleMania 27 dream card comes from new contributor Frank Aquilino, better known around these parts as Frak…

How to fix Mania…Cause it needs fixing.

So with the Elimination Chamber behind us, the WrestleMania card is starting to shape up.  Here’s a look at the preliminary Mania card….

WWE Championship Match: The Miz Vs John Cena
World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge vs. John Bradshaw Del Rio (hehehe)
Orton vs. CM Punk
Whoever the Undertaker is going to beat.
The Money In the Bank crap show.

Aside from Orton vs. Punk, the card looks pretty weak.  Why?  Because it doesn’t include the Rock!!  In a perfect world, John Morrison would have won the Raw Chamber match.  This would leave John Cena to face the Rock, which every fan wants to see.  It then allows for Miz to face John Morrison.  Do I need to remind you that these two made up one of the best tag teams of the last ten years, they are both entering their primes, and they had a great falls count anywhere match on Raw a few months ago.  And I know what you’re thinking.  “But Frak, Miz and Morrison aren’t ready to headline Wrestlemania LOLZ ROFLMAO”  Good point, but allow me to retort.  1. You’re an idiot.  2.  The headline of  Wrestlemania is Rock vs. Cena!  It doesn’t matter if Miz and Morrison have a bore-fest (which they wouldn’t ).  You have a dream match on the card!  You could have Mark Henry vs. the Great Khali in an Iron Man Match and no one would care so long as Cena/Rock delivers.  That settles that.  The rest of the card after the jump.


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The Diesel Dilemma

Kevin Nash as Diesel during his almost-year-long WWE Title reign.

If you saw the Royal Rumble on Sunday, you surely saw the return of Kevin Nash to World Wrestling Entertainment and the unbelieveable reaction he generated.  His return to a WWE ring was reported to be a one-shot deal, as evidenced by his less-than-impressive performance in the Rumble match.  However, given the ovation he received, one has to wonder if his return will result in a longer tenure than anticipated.

Nash looked to be in better shape than he’s been in recent years, and his abandonment of his natural grey color worked wonders in making him look younger (and more intimidating.)  Hell, he didn’t even injure his knee.  The big man made no bones about his wishes.  “Absolutely the best night in my wrestling career,” Nash tweeted.  “As long as WWE will have me in a wrestling capacity and my body can handle it, I will wrestle.”  There’s also some evidence that those in power at WWE are contemplating using him more than they had planned.  According the sources, the stare down between Diesel and The Big Show was not originally booked, but instead was an audible called by Vince McMahon himself (and relayed to Nash by the referee after his elimination), after hearing the hot crowd reaction.  So, if the WWE chooses to keep Big Sexy around for a little while, just how will he fit into their plans.  Speculation on what Diesel’s role could be in the coming weeks and into WrestleMania after the jump.

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