Daily Promo: Meanest Lawman in the World

Wrestling was an entirely different business in 1990 than it is today.  Take this Big Bossman promo; can you imagine it being cut as part of today’s product?  It’s so cheesy and campy, but in a very distinct and awesome way.  I’m forever torn on if I miss the days of lawmen and clowns and tax collectors, or if I’m glad that they’re behind us.  At any rate, the man from the Cobb County Department of Corrections will forever hold a spot in the hearts of early ’90s wrestling fans.

Daily Promo: Jerk Jarrett

Man, Mickie James used to be vicious.  Despite being bubbly and wholesome today, there was a time when Mickie was just as likely to draw your blood as she was your applause.  As Alexis Laree, and under the influence of Raven, James was on a hunt for Jeff Jarrett in this clip from TNA’s early days.  She doesn’t mince her words, nor does she shy away from taking bumps.  She’s awesome.  And Jeff Jarrett’s a real jerk.

Daily Promo: The French Tickler

Once upon a time, it looked like Rene Dupree was destined for great things.  A WWE Tag Team Champion at just 19 years old, the French Phenom was being groomed to be a star in the world’s biggest sports entertainment promotion for years to come.  And then something went wrong.  It’s amazing how drastically a wrestler can fall off the map.  In this promo, Dupree talks about a fatal 4-way match involving himself, John Cena, Booker T, and Rob Van Dam.  Today, he doesn’t even warrant mention in any wrestling conversation, let alone in the same breath as those three.

Daily Promo: Sh!t Happens

When Rhino was in WWE, perhaps the defining aspect of his character was Paul Heyman’s call of “Gore! Gore! Gore!”  If anybody understood how to package Rhino, it was Heyman.  I was a HUGE fan of his during his ECW days, and his gore of the Sandman’s wife is one of the most iconic scenes from late in the company’s life.  His promo skills left something to be desired, but at least they were kept short and shot in a way to keep them interesting.

Daily Promo: BOLA BOLA BOLA!

If you haven’t acquainted yourself with Delirious, you should.  He’s the head booker for Ring of Honor, a superstar around the independent scene, and a world class trainer.  He’s also one of the most unusual promo cutters in the business, as he’s known for his rambling and incoherent style of speech.  It’s kind of hilarious, and also kind of amazing that you can understand every few words.