Creative Faces: Artist Maria DeLayo

Much like our first two Creative Faces (Webb and Marciano), Maria DeLayo takes something we all love and creates something beautiful. When we see our favorite wrestlers, we sometimes take it for granted because once the bell rings our minds are in that moment. Maria’s art presses the pause button on life allowing us to reflect on the personas and appreciate the memories or feelings they’ve evoked.

Maria is an aspiring tattoo artist who has taken her passion for wrestling and drawing and shared them with the world. She just started posting her work on Twitter last November but the 21 year old artist has been doing this since she was 5. Her colorful creations have caught the eye of Becky Lynch, Finn Balor and Nakamura (just to name a few) who have all favorited or retweeted Maria’s work. If you browse her Twitter account, you’ll find an eclectic sampling of not just today’s top WWE stars but some legends, international wrestlers and other pop culture icons. Continue reading