(Not quite) Dead Wrestler Wednesday

One of the hallmarks of this blog during it’s first iteration was a recurring feature called  Dead Wrestler Wednesday. Each week, we’d honor the memory of a deceased wrestler in a nifty little retrospective of their career. While this isn’t a feature that’s been carried over as part of our re-launch, this Wednesday I’d like to talk about a dead wrestler nonetheless. It would seem that former Corporation heavy and Mötley Crüe bodyguard, Test, isn’t quite ready to evacuate this mortal plane.

Andrew “Test” Martin’s onetime girlfriend and former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly apparently occupies a starring role on an E! Network reality series called WAGS – news to me. As it turns out, in the new season, she and the other cast members pay a visit to a Hollywood medium who is able to channel Teflon Test during their session. Kelly Kelly is visibly shaken by the encounter, in which the audience is to believe that the spirit of Test acknowledges her February wedding to former NHL star Sheldon Souray. If Test is indeed reaching out from beyond the grave to extend his blessings to his exes on their nuptial vows, it would only be right that he finally make peace with Stephanie and Hunter before he steps eternally into the great beyond.

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