Gathering of the Wrestling Legends

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

What you see above is a picture of the Headbangers, Mosh & Trasher, posing rather violently with a fan.  What you see below is a trailer for the upcoming Legends of Wrestling supercard to be hosted by JCW at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival this year.  And yes, the Headbangers are, indeed, a part of it.

I was quick to dismiss JCW’s attempt at a Legends of Wrestling show, as I am with most shows of its nature, because it seems like more often than not, the “legends” aren’t legends at all.  Instead, they’re usually guys like, well, the Headbangers.  And this show isn’t really different in that regard.  Rob Conway is booked.  So are Viscera, Balls Mahoney, and Tracy Smothers.  Hell, even David Penzer gets a mention.  For my money, though, this card separates itself from most of its type in the way the talent is booked.  All of the former ECW wrestlers are scheduled together in one match (that happens to promise a mystery addition.)  All of the former WWE semi-jobbers are thrown in a battle royal together, too.  Even Memphis Championship Wrestling is represented in a 4-way match pitting Jerry Lawler against Koko B Ware, Kamala, and Dutch Mantel.  The rest of the undercard isn’t bad looking, either, as it’s composed mostly of notable rematches or “dream matches” pitting wrestlers from different eras against each other.

And then there are the two matches that will coax me into ordering the show.  In the main event, two of the best brawlers of their generation will collide as Roddy Piper goes one-on-one with Terry Funk in an I Quit match.  I have to believe that one will get wild, and fast.  Also booked for the show is a tag match pitting The Outsiders against the New Age Outlaws.  This is a match that a lot of people, myself include, dreamed about in the late 90s, and although none of these guys can go like they used to, I’m still excited to see it finally happen.  Mick Foley will be calling the action all night, too, so that’s a plus.  The show will run you $14.99 and will be available at tomorrow.

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