Zack Ryder: Internet Champion

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

Zack Ryder is a viral sensation.  He’s got a growing Facebook fan base.  He hosts a successful YouTube series.  He even made Sports Illustrated’s Twitter 100 list.  In an age where social media is changing the entertainment landscape, Zack Ryder might be the first wrestler to have perfected its use.  He’s recently parlayed his web popularity into a renewed television role, notching a win over Michael Cole on Monday night and making an appearance on tonight’s installment of Smackdown.  His claims of being the Internet Champion are not in vain.

Which brings us to this belt.  It’s glorious.  It needs to be carried onto WWE programming, effective immediately.  You can watch this week’s episode of Z! True Long Island Story right here, in which the Championship pictured here makes its debut, Zack’s dad dresses as John Morrison, and the opening theme video for a Saturday morning cartoon starring Long Island Iced Z himself is featured.  Oh, and there’s plenty of William Regal, too.  Enjoy, broskis.  Take care, spike your hair.

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

3 thoughts on “Zack Ryder: Internet Champion

  1. i do backyard wrestling and im only 11 i would buy this belt oh yea i forgot im a broski woo woo woo you know it

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