CM Punk Media Trifecta

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

  • Yesterday, CM Punk was the guest on Bill Simmons’ ESPN Podcast, the B.S. Report.  As you’d expect, it was awesome.  Over the course of the interview, Punk discussed when he decided to stay in the WWE, what he’d be doing today if he didn’t return, who his favorite wrestler is, and his boredom with the industry.  He also gloated about making kids cry and compared the belief that he returned too soon to Jesse “The Body” Ventura dying too early in Predator.  Saying that Punk rules hard is like saying water’s wet.  You can listen to the whole interview right here.
  • Earlier in the week, Punk filmed a vignette for Jimmy Kimmel Live in which he confronted (and berated) a young member of the CeNation (as if there’s any other kind).  Hilarity ensued.  It’s kind of astounding that The Rock interacted with a kid dressed as John Cena a few months ago and it was one of the dumbest segments in recent memory, yet CM Punk did the same thing on Kimmel and I can’t get enough of it.  If CM Punk did nothing but cut promos on defenseless children for the next six months, you wouldn’t hear me complain.
  • And lastly, the CM “Best in the World” shirt that debuted at Money in the Bank – yes, the one that was selling for upwards of $300 on E-Bay – is now available for pre-order on  It lacks the references to Chicago and the date Punk’s title win on the back, but it is otherwise identical to the original.  With tax and shipping it’ll run you just north of $30.  Not only have I already put mine on order, but I know of at least three of my friends who have done the same.  I have a feeling this shirt is going to be like the nWo shirt of the mid-90s, the one that you’d regularly see people in at non-wrestling events.  Order it right here.

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

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