Fight for the Rights of Every Man…

Happy Independence Day, everybody!  Today’s updates will be sparse (as in this is the only one), because I’ll likely be too drunk busy to get anything else prepared.  Take a ride on the Lex Express, and if you’re feeling especially Patriotic, follow the jump for Hacksaw Jim Duggan singing about his 2×4, a healthy dose of Kelly Kelly’s ass, and the worst entrance theme in the history of wrestling.

I hope you all enjoy this 4th of July, folks, and I hope you do it safely.  If you’re going to be cracking Steveweisers, don’t drive.  And if you’re going to drive, try not to pull a Kurt Angle.  And if you must pull a Kurt Angle, then I hope your arresting officer isn’t the meanest lawman in Cobb County.  And if your bad decisions do lead you to a drunk tank, then you have my sincere wishes that your cellmate doesn’t want to read you poetry.  And if you’re introduced to Little Johnny, well then…well, you get the idea.  Support America, click the jump. 



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