Dead Wrestler Wednesday: Chris Candido

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No Gimmicks Necessary.

Chris Candito (more commonly spelt Candido) first achieved notoriety by winning the NWA World Title in a tournament after it was vacated by Shane Douglas at the inception of ECW.  From there, Candido, along with his high school sweetheart Tammy Lynn Sytch, toured all three of the 1990’s major wrestling promotions.

The duo first found national exposure in the World Wrestling Federation.  Managed by Sytch, who was then known as Sunny, Chris Candido became Skip, a fitness fanatic and health guru.  Along with Tom Prichard, who played Skip’s brother Zip, Candido was one half of the Bodydonnas.  The faction took pride in their physiques and would often gloat by performing jumping jacks and push-ups during their matches.  With Sunny’s guidance, Skip & Zip won the vacant Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania XII with a win over the Godwinns.

In addition to a successful tag team career in WWF, Candido was part of the Triple Threat in ECW alongside “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Bam Bam Bigelow.  There, Candido engaged in a heated feud with former Triple Threat member Lance Storm.  Despite the differences between the two men, they reigned as Tag Team Champions together for six months after an unlikely title victory.  After losing the tag belts, the rivalry between Candido and Storm escalated.  Storm’s valet, Dawn Marie, even went so far as to change her name to Tammy Lynn Bytch while she and Lance were feuding with Sytch & her beau.  During the last year of the promotion’s life, Candido headlined a series of three pay-per-views by challenging Taz for the ECW World Heavyweight Title, although he was never successful in capturing the prize.

Candido had a short-lived run in WCW, during which he briefly reformed the Triple Threat and spent a month as Cruiserweight Champion.  Despite initial success, he abruptly departed the company due to problems between Tammy Lynn and other members of the locker room.  After leaving WCW, Candido & Tammy toured the independents until January of 2005 when the couple joined TNA Wrestling.  On April 24 of that year, Candido broke his leg during a tag team match with Lance Hoyt against Gran Apolo & Sonny Siaki.  The next day, he underwent surgery to have steel plates screwed into his injured leg, and the following day he appeared at TNA’s Impact tapings in a managerial role.  On April 28, four days after sustaining the injury, Candido fell ill.  After collapsing in the evening, he was rushed to a local hospital, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Shockingly, Chris Candido died shortly after arriving at the medical facility.  The official cause of death was a blood clot, a result of his surgery.  As an eerie result of TNA’s taping schedule, Candido’s final appearance with the promotion was aired posthumously.  He was 33 years old at the time of his death.

One thought on “Dead Wrestler Wednesday: Chris Candido

  1. Kinda understand why Sunny is the way she is now, didn’t know she was carrying so much weight(mentally), I’ve been there and after all was said and done I decided to become a lush(drunk, but I pay my own). Kinda understand, sometimes you never forget your best friend(and lover), so I understand the way she is and someone who thinks he can take someone else place, they are just has guilty as what she did. I would never expect to replace someone that you Loved, just be friends and a shoulder, that was all that moron should have done, instead of getting her in bed. What a douche, Don’t blame her for a head lock, just for making a stupid choice of who to hang with.

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