His name is Kevin Steen, and he is EVIL.

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Redemption is overrated.

As expected, Kevin Steen did indeed return to Ring of Honor on Sunday at Best in the WorldHis path of redemption has been well documented, although the destination to which it brought Mr. Wrestling was foreseen by few, if any.

Before Steve Corino’s match with Michael Elgin even began, Corino called for Kevin Steen to join him in the ring.  Appearing on one of the balconies with a spotlight on him, Steen received a sizable pop just for showing up.  When he tried to approach the ring, however, security and Ring of Honor officials stopped him, removing him from the ringside area.  The match begin, was contested, and ended without Kevin Steen.  Michael Elgin won.  The House of Truth worked over Corino & Jimmy Jacobs.  The bad guys had won.

And then, from out of the crowd, Kevin Steen hit the ring.  Powerbombing Elgin and superkicking Truth Martini, Mr. Wrestling cleared the ring of the heels.  He called for a microphone, but was denied by Jim Cornette.  After a rousing “Let Kevin Talk” chant from the Manhattan crowd, the executive producer reluctantly obliged, allowing Steen to speak his peace.  Kevin Steen began by apologizing to the fans for everything he’s done and stressing how much he appreciates receiving this second chance.  And then, things went awry.

“My name is Kevin Steen…and F*** Ring of Honor,” declared Steen before hitting Steve Corino with the package piledriver.  He was then removed by security, carried out of the arena, arms outstretched, grinning from ear to ear.  He was sorry for nothing.  Jim Cornette promised we’d never see Kevin Steen in Ring of Honor again.

I have the feeling that he’s wrong.

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