The Best in the World

Note to all wrestling promotions, everywhere:  This is how you make a hype video.  Watch this vignette promoting this Sunday’s battle between Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, and tell me that you aren’t interested in seeing which American Wolf leaves New York with the Ring of Honor World Title around their waist.  Impossible.

The World Title match, born of respect, is just one of the eye-popping matches scheduled for this Sunday’s ROH i-PPV.  Also scheduled are Christopher Daniels vs El Generico, a Fatal Four Way tag team match featuring the Kings of Wrestling, and the ROH return of the Young Bucks.  The most intriguing aspect of the show, however, is the looming presence of Kevin Steen.  Mr. Wrestling has been gone since losing a match that stipulated as such against El Generico at last year’s Final Battle, and fans have been anxiously anticipating his return ever since.  The build for his re-emergence has been fantastic, and we’ll have more coverage of Steen’s potential return over the weekend.  Until then, enjoy the phenomenal video above.

3 thoughts on “The Best in the World

    • Dude that’s awesome, the card looks great. I’d love to see the Young Bucks live, and the Kings match is going to be awesome to be there for, I’m sure there will be bodies flying all over ringside. Enjoy brother!

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