Kings Reign Supreme

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Very European & That Young Knockout Kid.

This might be bigger news to me than it is to any of you, but the Kings of Wrestling wrestled dark matches at this week’s WWE television tapings, evidently as a tryout of sorts.  The fact that the Kings are being scouted by Vinnie Mac’s company generates such a mixed bag of emotions within me, but at the end of the day, I think I’d love to see them ink those contracts.  Part of me fears that the WWE wouldn’t use them properly, which can almost be assured.  WWE doesn’t use any tag teams properly, nor do they have a long standing history of successfully converting notable independent talent into “superstars.”  That being said, I’ve long maintained that the Kings of Wrestling are the most “big league” ready guys on the indy circuit.  I think that the two of them, along with manager Sara Del Rey, could be dropped into WWE or TNA as a unit and find success exactly as they are now.  No gimmick alteration, no theme music changes, no new tights – they’re a finished product.  This belief gives me hope that if they are signed, they might translate their indy success into mainstream notoriety pretty seamlessly.  If I’m subjected to watching either one of them fly solo on a season of NXT, though, I might just tear my face off with a cheese grater.

Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero are my easily my favorite tag team in the business today, and they’re on my all-time top ten list as well.  It would be a MASSIVE blow to Ring of Honor to lose two talents of their caliber, for sure, but with the exact state of the company in question after their acquisition by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, I think I’d rather take my chances with the Kings in the ‘E.  Besides, I’d be genuinely happy for Claudio and Hero to finally get a big payday after giving so many of us quality entertainment on the indies for all these years, regardless of the outcome of their signing.  I guess I’m getting ahead of myself here – it was just a tryout match, after all.  But the Kings are being scouted, and that’s cause for excitement.

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