Jesse Neal gets Food Stamps

Ummm….yep.  Impact Wrestling star and national hero Jesse Neal revealed via his Twitter account that he and girlfriend Christina Von Eeerie (a fellow wrestler) have qualified for food stamps.  TNA never ceases to amaze.

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

I’m sure guys like Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Sting, Hogan, Bischoff, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Jarrett are very well reciprocated.  It’s a safe bet that Chyna was paid handsomely for her one-shot with the promotion.  Right now, there are rumors of the company pursuing Jerry Lynn, who surely demands a pretty penny.  Yet, somehow, TNA neglects to pay their young talent, the lifeblood of the promotion, a wage above the poverty line?  This is pathetic.  There’s really not much I can say that isn’t painfully obvious – the fact that Jesse Neal has qualified for food stamps pretty much speaks for itself.  For all of the flack that WWE catches for their wrestlers being “independent contractors,” at least I’ve never heard about Lucky Cannon being on welfare.  TNA can’t seem to avoid constantly making a punchline of themselves.  Best of luck to Neal, Von Eeerie, and everyone else being shafted by poor budget management.

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