The Showstopper’s Hunt

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

The Legend, the Icon, the Main Event, the...Hunter?

Sooooo, apparently, Shawn Michaels is going to be the star of his own hunting show on the Outdoor Channel beginning next month.  Well, not a hunting show exactly.  A “hunting & lifestyle” show.  I don’t know.  This is how Shawn himself described it:

“The biggest thing viewers can expect from Keith and I is they aren’t going see a hunting show; it’s going to be a hunting and lifestyle show. Keith and I want to do something people haven’t seen. You’re going to see some of the prettiest places, amazing hunts, see us traveling the world, and hopefully you’ll have the ability to feel like you are there with us. And it’s not to discredit anyone else but we want to do more than just sit in a tree, we want to do our best to allow you to escape and come on the hunt with us.”

So, there’s that.  Shawn will be joined by “good friend” and show host Keith Mark, the owner of MacMillan River Adventures camp in Yukon, Canada.  The duo will hunt for some of the largest big-game animals in some of “the most exciting settings ever filmed.”  Sounds like a winner.  Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures debuts in July, although unless Shawn’s going to hit a grizzly with some Sweet Chin Music, I think I’ll probably pass.

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