King James vs A Wrestling God

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

The Wrestling God did not mince his words for LeBron James.

I don’t follow basketball much at all, but I also don’t live under a rock, so naturally I’ve heard a ton about LeBron James, the Heat, and the Mavs over the past few days.  Actually, through outlets like Facebook and Twitter, I haven’t heard much about anything else.  Yesterday, on my news feed, I had to chuckle at a post I saw by former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield.  “It’s LeBron James Day,” said JBL’s status, “We all get to quit 12 minutes early!”  Enjoying his wit despite not really caring about James or his team (or the NBA), I clicked on JBL’s profile, only to learn that he’s had a lot to say about LeBron James over the past couple of days.  A lot.

In fact, Bradshaw’s seven most recent status updates were all about James, and there were plenty more interspersed with the preceding handful of updates.  I guess it’s natural for a Texan to be even more opinionated about the matter than most, given the circumstances.  Obviously, some were more entertaining than others.  In one, Layfield joked that he had a bet with The Rock over who would win the series, suggesting that if the Heat were victorious he’d be forced to watch The Tooth Fairy.  He even wrote a fairly lengthy discourse about LeBron’s comments following the loss that you can check out here if the spirit moves you.

Slow news day?  Nooo, why ever would you ask?

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