Honor Gets Gored

WWE, TNA, Rhino


So it looks like Rhino is headed to Ring of Honor.  The way I see it, there’s no middle ground here – the Man Beast’s venture into ROH is either going to be totally awesome, or it’s going to completely stink.  That’s pretty much been the story of Rhino’s career, actually.  It’s like there are two versions of him.  There’s the one pictured to the left, the one who forced Lori Fullington’s head into a toilet, didn’t hesitate to spike piledrive chumps off of the ring apron onto the floor, came to the ring to Rob Zombie’s Superbeast, and had an extremely limited vocabulary.  That’s the good one.  Then there’s the one that’s emerged in more recent years, the one whose Gore has become a shoulder block, who has competed in TNA’s Turkey Bowl, occasionally spells his name with a Y, and sometimes wears glasses during his backstage interviews.  That’s the Rhino who I have no interest in seeing.  The thing is, there’s no discernible reason for the changes to his personality.  They seem to be more of his own doing, be it by his choice or the choice of the booking handed down to him, and not that he’s “lost it” with age.  That being said, I continue to hold out hope that someday, preferably sooner than later, the Rhino of old might return.  Maybe even as part of his upcoming Ring of Honor tenure.

As for his role in ROH, Rhino has been hired as the bodyguard for the Embassy.  More specifically, he’s been employed to protect the villainous stable led by Prince Nana from the likes of Homicide.  While no match has officially been announced, Rhino vs Homicide is safe bet for his first Ring of Honor bout.  If the old Rhino shows up, Homicide is an opponent that’s certainly capable of putting on a good match with him.  Cross your fingers, folks.  I think we can all get behind a return to Rhino’s Rookie Monster roots.

2 thoughts on “Honor Gets Gored

  1. when i bought my tickets to bitw2011 homicide/rhino was on the website. just saying. rhino can still go so it will be interesting watching him work with some of those guys. roh doesn’t really keep a lot of fat around, if they’re hired it seems to be its because they can bring a lot to the table. who knows if this is sinclair wanting talent that has name recognition and even if it is, they went and got the right guy. just keep tommy dreamer the fuck away.

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