Greatest Videos Eeeeeever: Jericho Codebreaks Punk

I miss Chris Jericho. With the title of this section, it should come as no surprise that I’m a huge Jericho fan. Jericho’s books are a must read for any wrestling fan. His WCW days provided some of the greatest promos in the history of wrestling. His WWE debut was one of the best ever. It’s been less than a year since we’ve seen Jericho on WWE TV, but it feels a lot longer. Assuming we’ll see his return in the next 3-6 months, it’s time to let the fanboy in all of us start wondering where he’d fit and that brings us to this week’s greatest video eeeeeever…

Title: Chris Jericho . Best Codebreaker Ever!

Upon Jericho’s return to WWE, he brought with him the Codebreaker. The importance of the Codebreaker can’t be understated as it relates to Jericho’s success. Jericho’s main finisher for most of his career was the Liontamer/Walls of Jericho. The only problem with a submission maneuver being your finisher is the lack of unpredictability. An opponent had to be on their back for Jericho to finish them off. There was also the chance that they’d wiggle their way to the ropes. The Codebreaker can happen at almost anytime as the previous video indicates.

The evolution of Jericho’s move set is not the only impressive change he’s made. Jericho’s personality has developed from an outlandish, over the top crybaby to a methodical and mature man. What will be Jericho’s demeanor when he reemerges? No one knows for sure but there will be no shortage of opposition. Orton was the man who put Jericho on the shelf, so there is a score to be settled but there are two issues there: Jericho can’t comeback as a heel and I doubt he’ll want to wrestle on Smackdown. If the latter portion weren’t an issue, a Jericho-Christian feud would make sense. Assuming Y2J wants to wrestle on the red brand, there are two guys that jump out as potential opponents: The Miz and CM Punk.

As much as I’d like to give credit to The Miz because he is infinitely entertaining, his entire gimmick right now is nothing more than a reboot of Jericho’s suit-donning, slow-speaking persona. This similarity, and Jericho’s desire to return with a new gimmick, would make this rivalry quite interesting. Punk is another suitor with amazing possibilities. The evolution of Punk’s mic skills would make him quite the formidable opponent for the Lionheart. As a matter of fact, he might be the only wrestler mentioned here with the ability to best Jericho on the mic.

Jericho is tied up with a Fozzy world tour until late July, but that means he could make a SummerSlam return! Time will tell…

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