Baby Mama Drama

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You are NOT the baby's father!

This story is straight out of the Orlando Jordan bizarro file.  Apparently, a former Florida Championship Wrestling talent is falsely claiming to be the father of Kharma’s baby.  Byron Wilcott, pictured above on the left, posted this on Facebook:

“As some of you know my girlfriend is pregnant. Some of you know her as Awesome Kong. Most know her as Kharma. I know her as the love of my life, Kia Stevens.  Due to this being a high-risk pregnacy I’m going to take this time and step away from the ring to concentrate on making sure her and our baby’s needs are met. I will fulfill the remainder of my dates till June 12. It’s not an end, just a new beginning.”

Seems pretty sincere.  Problem is, this isn’t the guy that Kharma’s been dating.  That distinction would belong to the gentleman pictured to the right side of the above photo.  Since Wilcott’s initial claim, Kharma’s legal representation issued this statement:

“Mr. Byron Wilcott is not the father of Ms. Stevens’s baby. The post on Mr. Wilcott’s Facebook page is completely false and we do not know why he would publish such a fantastical falsehood. We have contacted Mr. Wilcott through his Facebook page and have requested him to publish a retraction.”

Pretty strange stuff going on here.  I really don’t know what to make of Wilcott’s message, as it’s written as if it’s heart felt, although I can’t imagine there being much validity to it.  Just a publicity stunt, I suppose?  I expect more information to come to light within the next few days, and I’ll certainly update you when it does.

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

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