The Self-Destruction of TNA

Yesterday, I may have mentioned my frustration with the Hogan-Bischoff regime in TNA Wrestling.  As such, I think now’s as good a time as any to present you with this video highlighting some of the changes that the dynamic duo of washed up suck have instated in the company that once actually prided themselves on their wrestling, as opposed to just using the claim that they do as a marketing ploy.  I don’t think that TNA was ever quite as good as the first half of this video romanticizes it to be, but there was a time that it did indeed deliver innovative matches and didn’t plot its course so obviously in reaction to what the WWE was doing.

If you’re uninterested in reminiscing about the glory days of Total Nonstop Action, just skip ahead to the 2:12 mark.  That’s where Hulk Hogan enters the company with the promise of a bright tomorrow.  I’ll warn you now, though, what follows is not pretty.  And this video was created before the Victory Road debacle, Bischoff pinning Max Buck, Chyna’s one-shot, or Samoa Joe’s befriending of a Green Hornet character and the Pope’s subsequent kidnapping of said character at knife point.  I’d say we’re about due for a part two.

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