Eric Bischoff, you’re a jackass.

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Cancer to the wrestling world.

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff are two of the most polarizing figures in wrestling.  This should come as no surprise, seeing as how complete dickheads have a way of inspiring strong opinions within people.  I plan on writing a long, mean-spirited, and probably uninteresting-because-its-so-one-dimensional rant about these two at some point, hopefully this week, but I had to post this in the meantime.  Last week, Bischoff tweeted this:

“Seems like 90% of the audience loves what the loudest 10% hates. So who really matters? The 10%er’s can’t get over the fact that they are irrelevant. Ratings don’t lie. Research doesn’t lie. IWC smarks need to get over it.”

Yesterday, this showed up on Hulk Hogan’s Facebook, in response to a fan’s accusation that he was the cause of WCW’s demise:

“That’s good to know brother. But in reality it was a lot of you idiot fans that killed wcw with your lack of appreciation and support for everything we did for you. Funny enough a lot of you morons like TNA too. Go figure. HH”

Naturally, he’s since claimed that he never any such thing, and he may well be telling the truth.  But since this is pathological liar Hulk Hogan we’re talking about, I’m not so quick to give him the benefit of the doubt.  These guys are the worst.

If I may, I’d like to point out the utter idiocy of Bischoff’s statement.  First of all, to refer to the Internet Wrestling Community as 10% as wrestling’s fan base is asinine.  Maybe in 1996 a claim like this could have flown, but it’s 2011, and the internet is where people talk about their interests.  Not to mention, no percent of wrestling fans should be irrelevant to any wrestling promotion that wants to be successful.  Secondly, he’s right, ratings don’t lie.  And TNA’s have cruised steady for a year without any notable rise.  Their recent rebranding hasn’t helped them, nor have their completely juvenile storylines or train wreck booking.  I have a nagging suspicion that bashing the fans you should be trying desperately to appeal to won’t help the ratings, either.  As for Hogan’s ludicrously arrogant comments, to blame fans for the downfall of any promotion is ridiculous.  The fan is the judge and jury of any product put on television, and if they don’t “appreciate” it, it deserves to fail.  Also, no one, not even “morons” like TNA.  I watch it out of necessity (illegally, on the internet) in order to maintain this blog, and most weeks, it pains me to do so.  That’s why tickets into the Impact Zone are free, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a struggle to even give them away after the recent cell phone ban.  Honestly, Hogan and Bischoff are the bane of any rational wrestling fan’s existence.  They’re both still riding on steam produced in a bygone era, and neither understand the changing face of the wrestling industry or how it should be marketed.  Bischoff is nothing but an unprofessional instigator, and that’s been the case for years, as evidenced by this clip of him calling a a radio show to bash a fan.  The title insinuates that Bischoff “destroys” the fan, but if you ask me, he comes across as pathetic, demanding facts about the fan and then ridiculing them without any foundation to do so.  No fate is too vicious for this scum.

6 thoughts on “Eric Bischoff, you’re a jackass.

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  2. Hey I happen to like TNA. Then again I also thought Gigli wasn’t all that bad. Just saying though, don’t go making sweeping statements Mr. Journalist.

    The previous message has been brought to you by the united friends for the telivisionacation of Kevin Nash as Diesel

    • Hah, you know I have a bit of a soft spot for Gigli as well. And TNA impresses me every so often – Bobby Roode has been great recently, the knockouts rock, Anderson is hilarious, etc etc. Bischoff & Hogan just frustrate me so much. I have no doubt Impact would be better without them.
      And Diesel should totally feud with Wade Barrett over the Intercontinental Title. I hear he’s part of the next Legends Roundtable tapings, I don’t know what the subject is going to be though.

      • Topic should be about the biggest screw-ups and missed angle opportunities. Nash should have some great views on WCW’s invasion of WWE, nWo’s invasion of WWE, and the never acted upon DX vs nWo / Klique reunion. How you can go wrong with any of them I will never understand.

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