The Voice vs Hulk Hogan

Recently, Hulk Hogan sat down with sports commentator Michael Schiavello of the popular The Voice Versus series on HDNet.  While I have not gotten the chance to watch the interview myself, I understand it’s a pretty good one.  The whole thing runs an hour, and he apparently talks about his relationships with Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, The Ultimate Warrior, and others.  From what I’ve read, the show is kind of polarizing – there’s a good deal of people who claim Hogan lies more than a few times during the interview, while others have no problem with what he had to say, leading to obvious dissension between the two camps in the internet wrestling community.  I can’t pass judgement until I view the whole thing, but as a longtime Hogan detractor, I have a suspicion that I’ll end up on the infuriated side of the fence.  At any rate, part one is posted here, and the subsequent parts are linked to at the end.  If anybody’s already seen it, or if you watch it here, please, let me know what you think.

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