Greatest Videos Eeeeeever: SvR Create-A-Wrestler

In light of yesterday’s announcement regarding WWE ’12, Greatest Videos Ever dedicated some time to searching for Smackdown vs Raw videos on YouTube. In the past we’ve stayed away from this genre of wrestling videos because…well it’s not real. Most of the videos are glitches we’ve all read about or simple moves that the uploader believes (wishes) are one of a kind. In searching, one aspect of the game jumped out at me: create a wrestler. Not being a next generation system kind of guy, my experience with create-a-wrestlers have been limited mainly to the Nintendo 64 collection of WWF/WCW games. Things have changed. That brings us to this week’s greatest video eeeeeever…

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Those CAWs are nothing short of amazing to me. The first create a wrestler I ever made was on WCW/nWo Revenge. The only option was to edit existing characters’ clothes. Ryan Rage was nothing more than Chris Kanyon in a Macho Man ‘Madness’ shirt. Wrestlemania 2000 took it to a slightly higher level with ‘full customization’. That basically meant you could create a wrestler from scratch with any components of other characters in the game. Sounds a bit like Frankenstein, doesn’t it? Yeah, well most looked like Frankenstein.

The next gen systems seem to have added an amazing level of detail and broken most barriers in creating your wrestler. The comic book/cartoon characters above seem like the tip of the ice berg. Feel free to share your own CAW or other CAW videos on our Facebook page today! We’ll create a special photo album and repost the best!

One thought on “Greatest Videos Eeeeeever: SvR Create-A-Wrestler

  1. the best part about svr 11 was that you could save up to 50 caw’s that people uploaded. i had the full roh + tna roster and some cool ones. hope they dont goof the new one.

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