Raw & Smackdown Hug It Out

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

Yesterday, we presented you with some video game news that failed to inspire much hope within our souls.  Today we bring you slightly better (although not by much) news from the video game world.  Yesterday, the major announcement that was teased by Jim Ross a day earlier regarding the future of WWE video games was made.  The big news seems to be that the Smackdown vs Raw series is being renamed.  Due to the brand rivalry being completely irrelevant, the former name is being dropped in favor of WWE ’12.  Similar to how the Madden series is titled, the new series will bear the name WWE followed by the year of its release for the foreseeable future.  Makes sense.

Would I call this a major announcement?  Not really.  A handful of screen shots giving us a look at Alberto Del Rio’s first video game incarnation were released (here), as was a trailer consisting of absolutely zero gameplay.  None of this is too impressive.  You can read the whole announcement at IGN.com if you care to.  It pretty much promises a lot of things we’ve been promised before – better collision detection, improved controls, less clunkiness.  The bottom line is that every year, THQ releases a statement about completely revolutionizing the series, and every year, the game that’s released isn’t that different from the one that came out the year before.  Maybe this year will be the exception, and maybe it won’t.  All we have for now is a new, unexciting name.  Great announcement, fellas.

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