The Presidential Elbow

Whenever professional wrestling collides with another major sport, I like to write about it.  That’s particularly true of baseball, as evidenced by our coverage of The Miz’s First Pitch and the Los Angeles Angels Lucha Libre giveaway.  Obviously, I feel that the Washington Nationals’ tribute to Randy Savage deserves mention.  If your unfamiliar with the Nationals’ customary Presidents Race, here’s a quick recap.  At every home game that the team has, a race is run featuring four presidents with oversized heads: Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.  The Nationals used the comically proportioned Abe Lincoln to salute the Macho Man on Friday night.

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Honest Macho Abe jogged onto the field during the fourth inning of Friday’s game wearing Savage’s signature cowboy hat and sunglasses as an homage to the fallen wrestler.  A former wrestler himself, Abe even tossed Slim Jims into the crowd while a clip of the Macho Man’s trademark “Ohh Yeah!” was played in the stadium.  You can check out’s official video of the race right here, or take a look at this fan-recorded version for another perspective.  Dig it?

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