Hulk Hogan’s and his Stupid Video Game

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

No, Hulk Hogan is not starring in a video game alongside Pikachu, although I wish that was the case.  Instead, he’s going to be the star of a new game for the Xbox 360’s Kinect, and it sounds really, really dumb.  This is an excerpt from the official press release announcing the game:

“Listen up, people! You will feel the power of Hulkamania when you step into this game,” said Hulk Hogan. “Whether you are taking the damage or selling the pain, this game will let you unleash your inner wrestler as you hype up the crowd while putting the hurt on anyone that stands in your way!”

The release goes on to state that players will be required to imitate Hogan’s trademark poses and perform his, and I quote, “extreme moves” and “devastating combos.”  Pretty sure the only combo Hogan has ever strung together was his big boot followed by a leg drop, and there’s nothing extreme about that.  He’s also never “sold the pain.”  Hogan has stunk for a long time now, and it’s not just because his health is deteriorating.  He whores himself out to anyone willing to pay, which is why he’s on ads for Rent-a-Center and was the star of a reality series on VH1 before that.  This game is going to be nothing but another way for Hogan to make a buck by slapping his ugly mug on the front of something.  Mark my words: the only good thing that will ever come out of it is it leading me to these pictures of Hulk with assorted Pokemon.

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

3 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan’s and his Stupid Video Game

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  2. Forget that let’s about his sex video.

    Hulk The Human Jack Ass. Say’s he feels betrayed by his best friend Bubba, for publizing the sex video he had with his best friend’s wife Heather Clem.

    Let’s all look at the facts. Who betrayed who? Hulk or Terry which that is his real name. Betrayed Bubba.

    Hulk had sex with his best friend wife… In his home… Even though Heather and Bubba are still married… And Hulk Hogan was married to Linda. Freaking bastard.

    And by the way. If anyone wants to see the sex tape. Email me at and I’ll send it to you.

    For those who don’t know who i am. I am a mexican of the Latino Race and a was born with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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