Full Match Friday: Macho Man vs The Ultimate Warrior

When choosing matches for Full Match Friday, there are a couple of guidelines I like to stick to.  For one, I like to find videos that are contained to one part – I feel like it’s easier for you, the reader, to consume if it’s not scattered about in multiple videos.  Secondly, I prefer to use videos from YouTube since other sites like Daily Motion are riddled with advertisements.  That being said…

I really wanted to put up a Macho Man match this week, and I couldn’t find any suitable ones that fit my usual criteria.  Although the Savage vs Steamboat match from WrestleMania III is widely considered to be the best of Savage’s career, and one of the best of all time for that matter, I chose to run this match from WrestleMania VII, because frankly, I prefer it.  It’s not as technically sound, but there’s some indefinable quality to it that has always kept it near the top of my list of favorite matches.  Maybe it’s the plethora of flying elbow drops.  Maybe it’s the fact that it was a retirement during an era that I could actually believe that the loser would retire.  But honestly, I think it was the aftermath.  Randy Savage reuniting with his lady, Miss Elizabeth, is a moment that wets my eyes to this day.  It’s easily one of the best WrestleMania moments ever, and it ranks among the most sentimental in all of wrestling history as well.

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