R-Truth’s anti-WWE Campaign

R-Truth’s current standing in the WWE is kind of surprising, at least it is to me.  He was pretty terrible when he was getting rowdy as K-Kwik during his first run in the company, and he wasn’t much better in TNA as Ron “The Truth” Killings.  When he returned to the WWE, his “What’s Up?” gimmick was an absolute train wreck, and I actually dreaded his inclusion on Smackdown or Raw every week.  Just a few weeks ago, he turned heel, and suddenly he’s becoming one of WWE’s top performers.  My new-found appreciation for him has come out of nowhere, and I don’t know if it’s a testament to his good work as a heel or if it’s an indication that quality bad guys in WWE are so rare that I’m prone to latch on to any that surface.

At any rate, years ago, long before Truth was involved in an actual program with John Cena, he was calling out the WWE Champion as a member of TNA’s roster.  This video is the first half of a rap directed at the WWE and their poster boy, although Truth doesn’t get too personal until the second half, which is linked to at the end of the video.  Regardless of where his current heel run leads him, I can say with certainty that I’m glad it’s been away from rapping thus far.

3 thoughts on “R-Truth’s anti-WWE Campaign

  1. I have been telling Tara for months that I would love to see him as a bad guy. He just did not look like he was comfortable as a face and pandering to the crowd week after week.

  2. Well the thing I always saw is that his wrestling was solid and he did have charisma, but as a face it was just so bland and one sided that he literally looked uncomfortable as a face. Maybe if this was the attitude era him being a face would work, but with how limited faces in the WWE are today character wise there is just no way he could have succeeded.

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