Greatest Videos Eeeeeever: The Madness of Randy Savage

Last week’s passing of Savage was heartbreaking for most fans. His in-ring work was impressive. His intensity unmatched. But his greatest asset, as we mentioned yesterday, may have been Ms. Elizabeth. The relationship between these two is easily the greatest love story in pro wrestling history. In an early edition of Greatest Videos Ever, I took a look at Savage’s program with Flair, but my personal favorite Savage memories involve his feuds with Hulk Hogan. That brings us to this week’s Greatest Video Eeeeeever: “Best Randy Macho Man Savage Promo EVER!!”

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Remember when the general public legitimately questioned whether wrestling was real or not? This video is why. Savage was one of the greatest on camera performers and it’d be more shocking if it weren’t real. Today’s product of in-ring promos sprinkled with witty one liners makes the wrestlers Superstars seem like nothing more than actors. Savage never came off as an actor. His insanity, madness if you will, was so real, it was sometimes uncomfortable or scary to watch. When Elizabeth was the catalyst, Savage was at his best and this video proves that.

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ooh oooh oooohh yeah 

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