Dead Wrestler Wednesday: Miss Elizabeth

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The First Lady of Wrestling

Miss Elizabeth, born Elizabeth Ann Hulette, has often been called the First Lady of Wrestling, and for good reason.  Elizabeth was easily the most prominent female figure in professional wrestling during the 1980s when Rock n’ Wrestling and Hulkamania carried the industry to new heights of popularity.  Her beauty and class gave her a sort of traditional appeal that would keep her in the spotlight for well over a decade.  During that time, her importance to the career of “Macho Man” Randy Savage cannot be overstated.

The lovely Elizabeth served as Savage’s manager beginning in the summer of 1985.  From that point forward, she was the focal point of many of his most memorable feuds.  The famed program between Macho Man & George “The Animal” Steele began when Steele developed an innocent crush on Elizabeth.  Savage’s feud with Honky Tonk Man was based around HTM’s claims that Elizabeth secretly wanted him.  Randy’s vendettas with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Jake Roberts were all centered around Liz, too; one based on jealousy, one on her alleged past indiscretions, and one on a wedding gift that happened to be a snake.  Miss Elizabeth was arguably more important to Randy Savage’s character than any other manager has ever been to any other client in the history of professional wrestling.

In addition to being the reason for plenty of Macho Man’s feuds, Miss Elizabeth also brought out the human side of Savage.  Their reunion at WrestleMania VII is still one of the best Mania Moments ever.  They were wrestling’s first power couple, and their story remains one of the most touching to ever play out inside of the squared circle.  Towards the end of her career, Elizabeth managed the likes of Lex Lugar, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff while in WCW.  She even made her in-ring debut in 2000 against Daffney.  Despite this, she will always be most fondly remembered for the time she spent on the shoulder of the Macho Man.

In Spring of 2003, Elizabeth passed away at age 42 as the result of an accidental drug and alcohol overdose.  She was living with Lex Lugar at the time, who was subsequently arrested and charged with 14 drug possession counts.

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