Madness in Memphis

This video of Macho Man’s debut in Memphis from December of 1983 is a pretty good indicator of the work that was yet to come from Randy Savage.  His unbridled energy is unmatched, and he there’s an air of wildness oozing from him in this early appearance that he carried with him throughout his career.  Macho Man brought an unpredictability to every event that he was a part of, and he was instrumental in innovating the wild man character type.  The original loose cannon, Macho Man Randy Savage provided rebellious wrestling viewers with someone to root for, converting many into lifelong fans.  He was wrestling’s first Han Solo in a sea of Luke Skywalkers, the Batman to all of the Supermen who came before.  What he brought to the table was an edginess that changed the role of babyfaces in wrestling forever.

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