Raw Preview, 5/23/11

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

What condition will the Nexus be in when Raw comes to Portland tonight?

Last night, CM Punk and Mason Ryan fell short of capturing the tag team titles at Over the Limit.  Perhaps just as devastating to the New Nexus, CM Punk seemed not to care that David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty had been attacked earlier in the evening.  Could this be the beginning of the end for the Nexus?  Moreover, what’s on tap for CM Punk heading into Capitol Punishment?

John Cena successfully retained his title last night by making The Miz say “I Quit,” but you can bet that the Awesome One will have a trick up his sleeve following his loss.  Also at last night’s show, R-Truth scored an impressive victory over Rey Mysterio.  It’s safe to assume that Truth will be trying to parlay his win into a WWE Championship match in the near future, and perhaps more importantly, he’ll be demanding even more respect from his peers and fans alike.  Who will R-Truth target next as John Morrison’s return draws nearer?  Tonight’s Raw should also see the Cole vs Lawler feud finally written off, as Over the Limit seemed to be the culmination of the program.  Will the Hitman be on hand tonight to further embarrass the most hated man in the WWE?

Lastly, Alberto Del Rio is a man of destiny, although his seems to have been put on hold for some time now.  Will he be the next to step up and challenge for the WWE’s most prized championship, or will another stand in his way?  All this and more, tonight on Monday Night Raw!

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