R.I.P. Randy Savage, 1952 – 2011

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

You were a tower of power that was too sweet to be sour,
You were funky like a monkey every minute of every hour.
For you, space was the place and time distortion had to be,
And your fans here on earth wanted the madness for eternity.
You met every challenge with fists clinched and face to face,
You even fought and defeats dragons and snakes.
Flying off the ropes with an elbow drop,
There was no way you could ever be stopped.
Identifiable by your voice alone,
Even being Dubbed the macho king while you sat on your throne.
We hung on your words with interviews memorable and classic,
And we knew it was serious when you took off your glasses.
I promise not to lose you in the sands of time,
For you will always be that all time hero of mine.

I cannot claim credit for either the picture of the poem above, as one came from Where’s Randy Savage? and the other was written by Jay Lethal.  I can, however, tell you how deeply saddened I am by the passing of a true icon.  Randy Savage was a fantastic performer who always poured his whole heart and soul into his matches and promos, and he’s a big reason why a lot of us fell in love with wrestling to begin with.  His showmanship was unrivaled, his outrageous costumes were impossible to resist smiling at, and he just generally increased the level of joy in the world as part of our pop culture.  On top of that, he’s one of the few guys from his era that I’ve never heard a backstage horror story about.  I’ll be running a lot of Macho Man content this week, at least one post a day, in tribute.  It’s strange how much the loss of someone you’ve never met can sting, but that’s certainly the case with Randy Savage.  Feel free to share your Macho memories in the comments.

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