Smackdown Preview, 5/20/11

WWE, TNA, WrestlingChavo Guerrero will be in action on Smackdown tonight for the first time in a long time.  I can’t even remember the last time Chavo’s had an actual televised match, but it’s great to see him getting some exposure.  Although I’m absolutely sure I’ve seen him in the ring since his ECW Title reign, that’s the last angle I recall him being involved him, so I’m borderline giddy to see him in his current feud with Sin Cara.  He’ll be grappling with Daniel Bryan on tonight’s show, who I’m equally excited to see in action.  After being used sparingly on Raw, Bryan has wrestled on every episode of Smackdown since the draft, which is an encouraging sign for the American Dragon moving forward.  If given any length of time, I expect Chavo vs Bryan to be the match of the night.

Last week, Randy Orton and Christian teamed up to take on Sheamus and Mark Henry.  This week, the World Champion and #1 contender will wrestle these men again, only this time, they’ll do so in singles competition.  Orton will go toe-to-toe with Mark Henry in Smackdown’s main event, while Captain Charisma will open the show with a singles bout against The Celtic Warrior.  Natalia will face Brie Bella in divas action, and Ted DiBiase will look to reverse his momentum in a match with Trent Baretta.  Finally, in a 6-man tag team contest, the remaining members of the Corre will meet former partner Ezekiel Jackson and his partners, the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & The Big Show.

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