The Miz’s Awesome First Pitch

Last night, The Miz threw out the first pitch in the Dodgers vs Giants game at Chavez Ravine.  Major League Baseball has a ridiculously strict (and painfully annoying) copyright policy that prevents any official video to be broadcast through any means other than their official site, so I can’t run a high quality video of The Miz’s appearance here.  Instead, we’re stuck with this distant fancam video, although it’s good enough to provide you with all you need to appreciate the occurrence.  The stadium announcer introduces Miz as WWE’s most must-see star and goes on to describe his pitch as awesome, which shows some pretty admirable dedication to faithfully portraying his character.  As for the pitch itself, it was a ball, but he didn’t bounce it, so that’s good.  Meanwhile, it looks like only a handful of the notoriously late-arriving Los Angeles fans bothered to enter the stadium to see The Miz – I guess even the most must-see WWE Champion of all time isn’t enough to get Dodgers fans into their seats before the third inning.

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