Don’t Tweet Me, Bro!

WWE, TNA, WrestlingDoes anybody else find it strange how freely today’s WWE superstars insult each other in a completely out of character kind of way via their Twitters?  In this recent exchange between CM Punk and Curt Hawkins, teaming with David Otunga is used as an insult.  Now, given that WWE appears to be working to reestablish Nexus as a legitimate force, isn’t it ill-advised to portray Otunga as being so bad that merely teaming with him lessens a wrestler’s stock?  And isn’t Punk bragging that he’s on Raw in this context demeaning to the other WWE weekly programs?

Don’t get me wrong – in no way do I care that these guys are disregarding concern for these issues.  I love Punk, and Hawkins is all right, and I think this kind of stuff is pretty hilarious.  It just surprises me that with the state of the industry what it is today, when WWE seems to diligently monitor how they’re portrayed by just about every media outlet, that they’d be OK with things like this.  Do you think a crackdown might be on the horizon?  Also, if Punk & Ryan win the tag titles this Sunday, the WWE creative team should totally use these tweets to segue them into a feud with the recently reunited Major Broskis.

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