Sid’s Viciously Bad Mic Skills

When browsing YouTube in search of content for this blog, I sometimes stumble upon clips that are in no way newsworthy or relevant to anything I’m writing about, but are so ridiculous that I feel the need to share them.  This is one of those videos.

Sid Vicious has never been accused of possessing impressive microphone skills.  In fact, the self-proclaimed ruler of the world’s promos have often been comically poor.  It wasn’t until late in his career however, when WCW was in its death throes, that Sid dropped what was probably his most embarrassing line.  Scott Hall & Kevin Nash were in the ring, the latter parodying Sid, when the Psycho One appeared on the ramp to defend his reputation.  It was all for naught, though, as Sid’s verbal deficiencies shone through when he inadvertently insulted his own intelligence.  Sounds about right.

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