Smackdown Preview, 5/13/11

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

Daniel Bryan will collide with Sin Cara on tonight's Smackdown.

Tonight’s Smackdown will primarily focus on the fallout of Christian’s World Title loss to Randy Orton last week.  In addition to Captain Charisma issuing a statement to his peeps as part of an in-ring interview, Christian will also compete in the main event when he teams with the man who took the title from him, Randy Orton.  Last week’s opponents will form a tag team tonight to take on the duo of Sheamus and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry.

Daniel Bryan will have the opportunity to strut his stuff tonight when he goes one-on-one with Sin Cara.  To be fair, I’ve yet to see enough of Cara to say this statement with much confidence, but I feel like he’s one of the only wrestlers superstars on the roster that can hold his own in the ring with the American Dragon.  Danielson is the kind of guy who can have a good match with just about anybody, but it’ll be nice to finally see him in the ring with someone who can perform more than five moves.  Hopefully this match is given some time and isn’t one of those commercial-interrupted three-televised-minutes affairs.

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett will clash with “The Big Red Machine” Kane, and Cody Rhodes will stand in the ring opposite Ted DiBiase.  It strikes me as odd to have the former Legacy partners booked as opponents since they’re both heels, and I’d much rather see them as partners.  Perhaps this is the beginning of bigger things for the pairing, though.  Also on tonight’s show is a Khali Kiss Cam, so there’s that to look forward to.  Sigh.

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