Greatest Videos Eeeeeever: Hogan Stumbles and Fumbles

Last week’s GVE celebrated an amazing promo cut together by the WWE post-production team. While writing that post, it dawned on me how impressive the world of pro wrestling is. Each and every week thousands of people combine to put on a show the length of a feature film. In the case of WWE, they do it twice a week which means they tell a story rivaling the run time of Lord of the Rings every 7 days. Understanding that filmmaking takes months and months, WWE should be applauded. Sadly, this achievement also gives them a built in excuse when their product falls short of excellence especially in the script writing department. That brings us to this week’s Greatest Video Ever…

Title: Worst Wrestling Promo Ever
Views: 4,588

Chances are Hogan brushed off the exact script he was supposed to follow or was trying hard to remember his exact lines and simply could not. Either way, his inability to convey a simple idea is nothing short of hilarious. As any TNA fan can tell you, Hogan hasn’t gotten much better on the mic since this tongue tied night.  Never thought I’d say this but thank god for Eric Bischoff!

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