Daily Promo: I think she likes you, mate.

WWE has flirted with the idea of executing an incest angle on a slew of occasions.  At one point, there was even talk of having Vince McMahon revealed as the father of Stephanie’s baby.  The inherent depravity of such an angle seems to appeal to Vince for whatever reason, and it appeared that he’d finally have his way with Paul & Katie Lee Burchill.  Despite several hints at an incestuous relationship between the Burchill siblings, the angle was eventually dropped completely.  With the angle scrapped, so went the careers of Paul & Katie Lee.  Prior to the WWE bailing out on the racy storyline, there was a day that they appeared in line for a push, as evidenced by the video above.  Also present in said video: William Regal’s inexplicable inability to pronounce Umaga.

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