Injury Trifecta

It seems like the injury bug is biting at the plans of both WWE and TNA right now, and as a result, some top storyline plans have been derailed.  When it rains, it pours.

  • John Morrison is the most notable name to be shelved in the past week, requiring surgery to repair a pinched nerve in his neck.  The official prognosis projects him to be out of action four to six weeks, but injuries like this seem to have a history of snowballing into extended absences.  Morrison was in the midst of a marquee program with R-Truth on Raw prior to his injury, and it’s safe to assume he’ll resume the feud upon his return.  Perhaps Morrison can use this opportunity to pack on some muscle mass and adjust his look in preparation for a main event push, similar to what Edge has done when injured in the past.
  • WWE, TNA, WrestlingTNA’s Chris Sabin is scheduled to undergo surgery this week after injuring his knee on the April 20 Impact tapings.  The injury transpired while delivering a springboard clothesline to Anarquia and caused a match between the two to be ended prematurely.  After the match, Alex Shelley hit the ring and made the save on behalf of Sabin, who had fallen victim to an attack from Mexica America.  It had been months since the Motor City Machine Guns appeared together on television, and Sabin’s injury occurred just as it looked like they’d be reuniting.  This is a blow to Sabin himself, TNA Wrestling, and fans of tag team action as a whole.  There is no known timetable for Sabin’s return.
  • Lastly, Alicia Fox suffered a shoulder injury during the assault she endured from Kharma last week.  As a result, Kharma is said to already have heat on her backstage for working stiff.  Certainly not the best first impression.

One thought on “Injury Trifecta

  1. oh so alicia fox has to wrestle an actual wrestler and take actual bumps and then its the wrestlers fault when she gets hurt?

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